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  • Certificate Overview

    The Certificate in Leadership and Management program is an online program specifically designed to meet the needs of those starting their career in or aspiring towards leadership positions in health care. This program will enhance participants’ knowledge and expertise in managing and leading clinical teams to support:
    • excellence in patient care;
    • high performance operations, and;
    • healthy work environments.
    All course content is relevant for working in healthcare systems around the world; those living outside of Canada are encouraged to register for the courses and program. Those promoted to healthcare leadership roles are often recognized for their exceptional contributions as healthcare professionals. However, these individuals may not have the knowledge and experience needed to lead others. This certificate program offers participants opportunities to engage in critical reflection and dialogue to support development of their personal management and leadership skills. The courses address a wide variety of situations, and common issues encountered in these roles such as, workplace conflict, patient flow, staff scheduling, addressing poor performance indicators (employee and clinical outcomes), and implementing change (e.g. patient population; physical space; new quality or operational directives).

    How long does the program take?

    The Certificate in Leadership & Management program is comprised of four courses offered by the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing in an online learning environment. Within the weekly modules, you will study in your own time and at your own pace. Maximum time to complete the program and receive the certificate is two years. Graduates receive the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing Continuing Professional Development Certificate in Leadership & Management. International students are eligible to register for all courses in this certificate program.
  • Courses and Delivery Mode

    The Certificate is comprised of four 6 week on-line courses to be successfully completed over a two-year period. Courses may also be taken as “stand alone” courses.

    Note: Course 1 is recommended as the first course however, others may be taken in any order. The required courses to earn the award of certificate include:

    The courses are facilitated by Bloomberg Nursing faculty members who have a combined wealth of experience and expertise in management from both the academic and practice settings.

    Please note: Courses do not qualify for undergraduate or graduate program course credits.

  • Admission and Evaluation

    There are no pre-requisites or application process for this continuing professional development certificate. Assignments and learning activities for each course will have specific format expectations and evaluation criteria however, overall evaluation will be based on:

    • Coherent organization, clarity of writing and presentation
    • Thoughtful selection and integration of relevant ideas from course modules, readings and assignments
    • Depth of discussion and evidence of analytic and critical thinking skills
    • Evidence of new understanding at a personal level in relation to administration for direct care team managers

    Final grading for each individual course is on a pass /fail basis. In order for participants to receive a grade of “pass”, they must obtain a final cumulative minimum average of 70% based on all evaluation methods for the course.

    International students are eligible to register for all courses in this certificate program.

  • Contact Us

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