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Important Information About Practicum Placements

Practicum is an integral part of the program. As necessary to support and evaluate your progress in the program we may share information with agency representatives including your preceptor/clinical instructor, professional practice liaison, or educational coordinator.

Successful completion of our undergraduate (Bachelor of Science in Nursing [BscN]), graduate (Master of Nursing [MN] and diploma (Post-Master Nurse Practitioner Diploma [PMNPD]) programs is contingent on students’ ability to meet all program requirements, including completion of practicum experiences. There is considerable preparatory work to complete before admission to ensure that you are able to engage in practicum experiences associated with your studies. Two processes take considerable time to complete before starting your program: attaining a police record check and health status requirements.

Police Record Check

Commencement and continuation in all Faculty of Nursing programs that require successful practicum experience completion is dependent on the student having a ‘clear’ or ‘negative’ / acceptable police record check report. All undergraduate students MUST attain and submit a Police Record check. All graduate and diploma students MUST attain and show evidence of having attained a police record check immediately prior to admission to the program. (Some agencies may also request a police record check within six months prior to placements.) Additional information related to undergraduate and graduate (including diploma students) police record check requirements is available on our website. Students should time their police check so they are covered for the full duration of the academic year. Expiry dates can not occur before June 30th of year 1. 

Immunization/Health Status Requirements 

Health status requirements must be ascertained to commence and continue all Faculty of Nursing undergraduate, graduate and diploma programs that require successful practicum experience completion. Formal confirmation that students meet all health status requirements must be completed prior to being able to register in courses.  Here is more information related to undergraduate, graduate and diploma health status requirements. Students should time their immunizations so they are covered for the full duration of the academic year. Expiry dates can not occur before June 30th of year 1. 

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Requirement 

CPR certification is a requirement to undertake our Nursing educational programs with respect to practicum placement experiences. CPR certification courses are available through healthcare employers  as well as through various services, which students can locate independently. Some suggested services include St. John Ambulance, Heart & Stroke Foundation, City of Toronto, and UofT School of Continuing Studies. Students should time their certifications so they are covered for the full duration of the academic year. Expiry dates can not occur before June 30th of year 1. 

Student Placement Agreements 

Students have access to a wide variety of practicum opportunities and settings including healthcare delivery organizations, other healthcare supporting organizations, and government departments. Students may only complete practicums within organizations with which we have formal student placement or affiliation agreements. New student placement agreements are considered and can be requested using our online request form. However, negotiation and development of new student placement agreements may take six months or longer to secure. Occasionally, it is not possible to secure a student placement agreement because of organizational policy requirements that prohibit the University of Toronto or the healthcare agency to reach an agreement. Consequently, students, particularly graduate and diploma students, must be prepared to relocate or travel to complete some or all of their practicum experiences.  Our website provides the list of agencies with existing student placement or affiliation agreements.

Determination of undergraduate student clinical practicum placements are made by the faculty. When making these determinations, the following are considered: individual student learning needs and course requirements. Click here to view more information about undergraduate practicum placements.

Graduate and diploma student placements vary in length and focus depending on the specific field of study. Graduate and diploma practicum placements are determined by the faculty in consultation with students about their learning needs, their course and program requirements, and student preferences. View more information about graduate student practicum placements.



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