Student Placements

Experience your practicum learning in acute and community health settings while working with outstanding clinicians and on teams engaged in new and innovative care practices. On our site you will find a brief list of examples of placement opportunities both in hospital and acute care settings as well as community health settings.

Completion of practicum placements is an integral part of the program and is required for students to successfully complete their degree for the following programs: BScN, MN, and PMNP Diploma.

Requirements for placements include the completion of a student preparedness permit.  Students must ensure they have completed their preparedness permit and conducted an Electronic File Review (ERV) check with the clinical placement office.

To support and evaluate your progress in the program, the faculty may share information such as pre-placement requirements and student progress towards meeting practicum objectives with agency representatives including your preceptor/clinical instructor, professional practice liaison, or educational coordinator. Please review the University of Toronto’s Privacy Statement.

Undergraduate Placements

Graduate Placements

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