Visiting Global Nursing Scholars

At the Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, you’ll find renowned and highly respected nursing researchers and educators who make major contributions to nursing knowledge, health policy and future practice. As one of the world’s premier nursing programs, we continue to build on over a century of nursing excellence as we prepare students at the undergraduate and graduate level, to be exceptional nursing leaders in a complex and globally connected health care landscape. As we continue to advocate for the communities and people who are under-served by our health care systems, you will find us at the forefront of research and education that makes a difference. This is Nursing in Action.

Program Overview

The Global Nursing Scholars Program is offered through the Centre for Professional Development (Bloomberg CPD) and focuses on international initiatives to create dynamic partnerships and collaborations with global organizations. CPD is Bloomberg’s hub for advanced professional development opportunities and delivers programs with the same rigorous standards — and same outstanding results — as all our academic programs. 

The Global Nursing Scholars program provides learners with opportunities to advance their nursing practice, scholarship and leadership capacity through extensive exposure to Bloomberg Nursing faculty and the broader academic health network. Frameworks for advanced practice and leadership underpin the development of individualized learning opportunities and are guided by Bloomberg faculty. Scholars have the option to study with us from a few weeks to several months.  

The Global Nursing Scholars Program focuses on leadership in healthcare including:

  • Health care administration

  • Health policy

  • Professional practice leadership

  • Education and/or clinical practice

The program incorporates:

  • Designation as a Global Nursing Scholar for the duration of the program plus one year following successful completion of the program.
  • Flexible scheduling which may include an on-campus residency, online or in-person coursework, and/or observations at local academic health partners & hospitals affiliated with the University of Toronto.
  • Opportunities to meet & learn from nursing clinicians, leaders & faculty in a variety of roles and practice areas including health care administration, health policy, professional practice leadership, education and/or clinical practice specialties.
  • Support from a designated Faculty of Nursing leader for the scholar’s experience and achievement of individual goals.

Examples of Past Global Nursing Scholar Programs

Application Process

Applications for the Global Nursing Scholars program are assessed on an individual basis and are received at any time of the year.

1. To start the process, you will complete an online application form. Click here to access form → Global Scholars Program ( Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Personal information (Name, Licensure category, Professional Role/Title, Organization, Contact Information).
  • Your area of focus (e.g. health care administration, health policy, professional, practice leadership, education and/or a clinical practice specialty).
  • A draft of 3-5 learning objectives for the requested experience.
  • Your personal Curriculum Vitae / Resume*
  • Identify preferred dates / length for the visit.
  • Acknowledgement that you are able/will be able to meet the program requirements (outlined in the next section).

*If submitting on behalf of a group, please submit one initial application for the group experience and we will request individual information (e.g. CV) from each participant at a later date.

2. Your application will be reviewed by Bloomberg CPD.

3. If your application is feasible to arrange, we will set up an initial meeting via Zoom to discuss details, answer questions, and provide an outline of fees for delivery of the requested program.

4. Final approval & required documents will follow, if agreeable to both parties.

Outline of Program Documentation Requirements & General Expectations

Only If Your Application is Approved

Required Documentation (All Visitors)

Language Requirements to Participate in the Program (All Visitors)

Global Nursing Scholars must demonstrate competent to good proficiency in English (with emphasis on verbal, listening and reading skills).  A recommended minimum overall IELTS score of 6.5 with a minimum of 6.0 in each of verbal, listening and reading elements; or a TOEFL score of >79 on the internet-based test. For those with English as a primary language, an exemption may be granted by Bloomberg CPD.

Fees, Travel Arrangements, Visa, and Accommodation (All Visitors)

Each Global Nursing Scholar is responsible for:

What to Expect for Clinical Observations

All Global Nursing Scholars participating in clinical observations (shadowing) at our partner institutions must not participate in any hands-on clinical care provision. You will receive a schedule with information regarding placement location, meeting times, dates, and site host/staff member being shadowed once placement details have been confirmed. On the day(s) of your observations:

Each organization has its own forms/e-learning (online or paper-based) regarding Privacy/Confidentiality; Observer Agreements; Liability Release etc. These will be provided once applications/placements are confirmed and must be completed before starting.

Most organizations require an up-to-date immunization record. You should review, update (if needed), and be prepared to provide documentation before starting.

TestMandatory Requirement Details for Canadian Institutions
Tuberculin Skin Testing  Two (2) Step required if no documentation of: a) two-step TST OR b) two negative TST results in past (<12 months apart) OR c) one negative TST within last 12 months.  2nd step must be given 1 – 4 weeks after 1st test in the opposite arm if the 1st test is negative.  One chest x-ray required if TB skin test becomes positive (>10 mm induration). Annual chest x-ray NOT required.  Note: QuantiFERON Gold is not approved / accepted in Canada
Measles  Lab evidence of immunity (serum measles IgG) OR documentation of 2 doses of live measles vaccine (e.g. MMR) on or after first birthday
Rubella  Born before 1957 OR Lab evidence of immunity (serum rubella IgG) OR documentation of immunization with live rubella vaccine (e.g MMR) on or after 1st birthday (2 doses)
Mumps  Lab evidence of immunity (serum mumps IgG) OR documentation of 2 doses of mumps vaccine (or trivalent measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine) on or after first birthday (2 doses)
Varicella (Chicken Pox)Lab evidence of immunity (serum VZV IgG) OR Varicella vaccine (2 doses) Note: some organizations do not accept a history of disease (chicken pox or shingles)
COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)Mandatory OR valid medical contraindication (2 doses)  
In addition, immunization against Hepatitis B, Tetanus/Diphtheria/ Pertussis, Influenza, and Respiratory Mask Fit Testing are highly recommended however not currently mandatory.
Other recent health related information that may be requested include attestation of:
– Not having an exposure to communicable diseases (MMR, TB, Varicella, Whooping Cough) within month prior to observation.
– Not having an exposure to person(s) with OR have had yourself a confirmed case of COVID-19 within 14-days prior to observation.
– Not having active symptoms (e.g. headache, fever, pink eye, respiratory symptoms, chills etc.) at the time of observation. Note: Visitors may be asked to leave setting if they experience any potential illness symptoms during their observation.

Eligibility/Who Should Apply

A Global Nursing Scholar is defined as a nursing leader in education, advanced practice or health care administration.

Visiting Scholar Fees

Cost for the Global Scholar program is determined based on the requirements of each individual scholar visit. This will be determined and discussed after the initial application has been submitted.

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