Visiting Global Nursing Scholars

As a world-class institution for nursing education, the Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto welcomes the opportunity to engage with international partners by providing unique learning opportunities for nursing leaders in education, advanced practice or health care administration through our Global Nursing Scholars Program.

Program Overview

The Global Nursing Scholars Program is offered through the Centre for Professional Development and focuses on international initiatives to create dynamic partnerships and collaborations with global organizations.

The program provides learners with opportunities to advance their nursing practice, scholarship and leadership capacity. The Global Nursing Scholars program provides extensive exposure to Bloomberg Nursing faculty and the broader academic health network including the University of Toronto affiliate hospitals and agencies.

The Global Nursing Scholars Program focuses on leadership in healthcare including:

  • Health care administration;

  • Health policy;

  • Professional practice leadership; and

  • Education and/or clinical practice.

Frameworks for advanced practice and leadership underpin the development of individualized learning opportunities and are guided by Bloomberg faculty. Scholars have the option to study with us from a few weeks to several months.

The program incorporates:

  • Development of an individualized learning plan and schedule based on the needs of the learner. Each scholar is responsible for developing learning objectives (3‑5 objectives guiding the scholar experience).
  • Flexible scheduling of the program which may include both an on-campus residency and opportunities to take graduate level courses by on-campus and/or distance education.
  • Access to the University of Toronto Libraries, including electronic collections.
  • Designation as a Global Nursing Scholar for the duration of the program plus one year following successful completion of the program.
  • Opportunities to meet with Faculty of Nursing leaders.
  • Opportunity to have a clinical observation component with an academic health partners of the University of Toronto.
  • Opportunities to audit selected undergraduate and graduate level courses
  • Opportunities to attend courses of interest in the Centre for Professional Development during the residency period. Course listings are available on our website.
  • Support from a designated Faculty of Nursing leader for the scholar’s experience and achievement of individual goals.

Visiting Scholar Fees

Nursing Global Affairs office:

Eligibility/Who Should Apply

A Global Nursing Scholar is defined as a nursing leader in education, advanced practice or health care administration.

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