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PhD Program Forms and Guidelines

Record of the PhD/DN Proposal Examination

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PhD Milestones Progress Sheet

Literature Review Paper Guidelines

PhD Thesis Proposal Guidelines

PhD Thesis guidelines

Doctor of Nursing Program Forms and Guidelines

Record of DN Supervisory Committee

DN Milestones Progress Sheet

Record of the DN Proposal Examination

DN Literature Review Guidelines

DN Thesis Proposal Guidelines

DN Thesis Guidelines

DN Internship Guidelines

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Health and Safety Forms for Students on Placements

Students on Unpaid Work Placements Accident Report

Clinical Incident Reporting Form

Post-secondary Student Unpaid Work Placement Insurance Claim

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Letter of Authorization to Represent Employer

WSIB Responsibility Matrix

Library Services

Nursing eResources – Gerstein Science Information Centre

The Gerstein Science Information Centre is the largest science and health science academic library in Canada. It has a print collection of over 1 million volumes of journals and books. The library also provides access to over 100,000 online journals and books.  The Nursing e-Resources Guide consists of selected resources that are licensed by the University of Toronto Libraries or are freely available on the web. Its aim is to provide easy access to resources that complement the nursing curriculum.

Contact our library liaison for more information on services available to nursing students:

Writing Resources

APA Writing Guidelines

Health Sciences Writing Centre

The Health Sciences Writing Centre is a tutoring facility open to all nursing students. They offer free, 45-minute sessions (longer sessions available for grad students) with experienced writing instructors. You may bring in writing assignments at any stage, and they will help you develop your capacity to plan, research, organize, write and revise your papers. They also offer workshops on a wide variety of academic skills of specific interest to nursing students and work with students whose first language is not English. Visit the website to make an appointment online (UTORid required).

English Language Writing Support

Housed in 63 St. George Street, within the School of Graduate Studies, English Language Writing Support (ELWS) provides graduate students with advanced training in academic writing and speaking. As you prepare to attend your first conference, to write your first proposal, or to publish your first paper, you will need stronger communication skills than those needed in undergraduate work. By emphasizing professional development rather than remediation, ELWS can help you cultivate the ability to diagnose and address the weaknesses in your oral and written work.

How Not to Plagiarise

You’ve already heard the warnings about plagiarism. It is against the academic rules to buy essays or copy from your friend’s homework, and it’s also plagiarism to borrow passages from books or articles or websites without identifying them. The purpose of any paper is to show your own thinking, and not create a patchwork of borrowed ideas. But you may still be wondering how you’re supposed to give proper references to all the reading you’ve done and all the ideas you’ve encountered. Download “How Not to Plagiarize” (PDF).

Role of Turnitin to Support Academic Integrity

Turnitin is the leading academic plagiarism detector, utilized by teachers and students to avoid plagiarism and ensure academic integrity. This internet-based, plagiarism-prevention service checks for potential unoriginal content by comparing submitted papers to several databases using a proprietary algorithm.

Student Service Requests

Confirmation letters

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Completion confirmation letter of specific courses and/or curricular content, NP:

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Licensure verification, Course outlines & Courier Delivery

Licensure forms and documentation for BScN degree:

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Licensure forms and documentation for NP degree

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Copies of course outlines

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Re-read of a final examination

Re-read of a final examination

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International Visiting Graduate Student Administration Fee

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