Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

Alumni Spotlight: Hailey Webster

Hailey Webster, BsCN, 2018

Hospital: Hospital for Sick Children

Hometown: Trenton, Ontario

Current town/city: Toronto, Ontario

Year of graduation: 2018

Interests, activities, clubs and professional organizations:

Hobbies – cooking, baking, swimming, boating, cottaging spending time with friends and family

Volunteering – Lawn Summer Nights with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

What was the most valuable lesson — inside or outside the classroom — you learned as a student the University of Toronto?

I think my most valuable lesson I learned in school and now working is that everyone is learning, not just students. As a new nurse, this lesson was so important because it brought comfort and made me feel less vulnerable when working with a large group of health care professionals with knowledge across a spectrum.

Greatest professional accomplishment:

Returning to work at SickKids on 7C which was my main goal going into nursing school. I worked in the Cystic Fibrosis clinic at SickKids doing research. These kids, their families and their SickKids team are what inspired me to become a nurse! It’s really wonderful to have made it to 7C where these kiddos come when hospitalized.

Favourite Bloomberg Nursing professor:

I couldn’t answer this! I have had a wonderful experience with all of my profs!

What is your favourite thing about nursing?

Connecting with families, developing relationships, working with children with chronic disease, working with a supportive team (makes it easier to come to work every day)

What advice do you have for current Bloomberg Nursing students?

Think big picture and celebrate small wins!

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