Defy Gravity Campaign

At the Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, our faculty, alumni and students are committed to sparking the next great innovation in quality health care that supports equitable health for all populations.

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The Centre for Social Justice

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Bloomberg Nursing is well-positioned to lead in building a network of practitioners and scholars who are committed to integrating equity and social justice into impactful nursing education and research. The proposed Centre for Social Justice will address social disparities, inside and outside the classroom, our healthcare institutions and our society.

Bloomberg Nursing seeks funding for the creation of a nursing-led, interdisciplinary team with shared perspectives from students, researchers, health care providers and patients, families and their communities, to explore the twin challenges of systemic discrimination in both the healthcare and healthcare education systems.

The Centre for Excellence in Long-Term Care

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COVID-19 has drawn into sharp focus the challenges of caring for older adults in their own homes, as well as the systemic issues facing long-term care across multiple provinces.

Bloomberg Nursing is uniquely positioned to be leaders in long-term care reform, by investing in the interdisciplinary research and scholarship required to address the complex health challenges of older adults. The Centre for Excellence in Long-term Care, will help policymakers create a new future for long-term care in Canada that includes the perspectives of older adults, their families, caregivers and healthcare providers.

As part of our new campaign Bloomberg Nursing seeks funding, additional and deepened research collaborations, and partnerships to maintain and expand its global leadership in gerontological nursing and to educate registered nurses and nurse practitioners to be ready to face the challenges of long-term care in the decades ahead.