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Alumni Spotlight: Ruth McBride

Ruth McBride (left, red coat) working in the field with teenagers who are part of a personal development & community service program.

Ruth McBride

Executive Director, Instituto Chileno Norteamericano La Serena: Binational Center

Hometown:  Talca, Chile

Current city: La Serena, Chile

Year of graduation: 1969

Interests, activities, clubs and professional organizations:

 I love people so all my interests are centered on people related activities. For about 25 years I worked teaching nursing and health related subjects in The University of La Serena and Instituto San Bartolomé as well as setting up a Home Nursing Service for the CMP Mining Company.For the last 17 years I have worked in English Language Teaching as the Director of an Institute. I am part of ABLA, the Latin American Association for Binational Centers in Latin America and am part of the steering committee, representing Chile. In my private life I have worked constantly with young people from the university with open house every Friday in my home and also youth work in church groups.

What was the most valuable lesson — inside or outside the classroom — you learned as a student the University of Toronto?

When I graduated there were a lot of things I felt I hadn’t learned and I was very unsure of myself. However, I soon realized that the most valuable thing I had learned was how to apply principles in many different situations. That very important skill allowed me to learn SO much by myself and, even if I didn’t know very much, I certainly learned how to solve problems and tackle varied situations.

Greatest professional accomplishment:

1.Setting up a Nursing Home Care Program for the families of a large Mining Company here in La Serena.

2. Completely switching to another profession 15 years ago and becoming the Executive Director of an English Language Teaching Institute

 Favourite Nursing professor:

Miss Jean Wilson. She taught us the fundamentals of nursing that stood me in good stead throughout my nursing career. She taught me to observe carefully before acting

What is/was your favourite thing about nursing?  

The liberty it has given me to work with groups of people, form teams in order to better health, improve living conditions, or permit a dignified death. I loved working with families in their homes.

What advice do you have for current Bloomberg Nursing students?

Technology is fantastic and I am truly envious of all the wonderful clinical labs you have to practice skills and procedures on. But don’t let technology take away what nursing truly is: helping the person who needs you. Often medical technology makes the human touch and communication (the heart of nursing) even more important.

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