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Alumni Spotlight: Nicole Harada

Bloomberg Nursing alumni do extraordinary things in the communities in which they work and live, and we take great pride in the work they do. To date, there are nearly 6,000 Bloomberg Nursing alumni, all of whom have made or continue to make a positive impact in the world of nursing.

Nicole Harada is one such alumni.

Title: Registered Nurse

Hospitals: Collingwood Marine and General Hospital, University Health Network Toronto Western

Hometown: Brampton Ontario

Current town: Orangeville Ontario

Year of graduation: 2012

Interests, activities, clubs and professional organizations:

Running and Ice Hockey

What was the most valuable lesson — inside or outside the classroom — you learned as a student the University of Toronto?

Self care is incredibly important.  The Bloomberg Nursing program was an intense two years. Classmate support and my favourite stress relieving hobbies got me through the program.   In the working work things can be very similar.  Still finding the time for those hobbies and your biggest supporters has been important in a hectic shift work life.

Greatest professional accomplishment:

I have been lucky enough to work in Canada’s far North working with some of the nation’s most marginalized populations.  Travelling to places across our beautiful country not only gave me such great appreciation but also passion for change and improvement in our system.

Favourite Bloomberg Nursing professor:

Maureen Barry! She has been a great mentor and supporter in helping me consider next steps in my career and how to get there.

What is your favourite thing about nursing?

As a nurse you have such a valued perspective in the health system.

What advice do you have for current Bloomberg Nursing students?

Don’t be afraid to try new things, join new clubs and committees, and meet new people. Not only should you not be afraid but seek out those new adventures, teams and relationships.  They seem to be the moments that are most memorable and enlightening.


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