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Bloomberg Nursing Ethics Review


Research conducted by LSBFON faculty member or students under the auspices of the University of Toronto must be reviewed and approved by a University of Toronto Research Ethics Board before it may begin. Information about humans in research at the University of Toronto can be found here.

Reason for Ethics Review by Research Office

The Associate Dean Research approval statement below makes clear that the Faculty is ultimately responsible for the ethical conduct of research by members of the Faculty:

“As the responsible Dean or authorized delegate, my Approval confirms that I am aware of the proposed research activity, that the activity is appropriately described in the protocol, that the activity (described in the protocol) has undergone or will undergo appropriate scholarly review, and that the unit will allocate space, other resources and administrative support to the research activity. My Approval also means that the unit will ensure that all procedures performed within the proposed research activity will be conducted in accordance with all relevant University, provincial and national policies, procedures and regulations”.


Research at University-Affiliated Hospitals

Researchers who intend to recruit patients from the Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TAHSN) institutions, or use their facilities or data, must submit their ethics submission to these institutions for approval prior to submission to the University of Toronto. Research approved by the research ethics board at TAHSN hospitals will require administrative review from the University of Toronto before commencement of any research. TAHSN/Administrative Review does not require approval from the Associate Dean, Research, and are exempt from the process described below.

Research at the University of Toronto

All ethics submissions are submitted through the University of Toronto’s My Research Human Protocol (MRHP) online submission system ( Each initial submission requires approval from the Associate Dean Research (ADR) or (in her absence) the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing before it is routed to the Office of Research Ethics for final approval.

Teaching-stream faculty must contact the Research Office in order to obtain access to the online ethics application.

University of Toronto Researchers who wish to conduct research with students, staff and faculty at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing should consult the Office of the Vice President and Provost guidelines and procedures available at:

Non-University of Toronto researchers who wish to conduct research with students, staff and faculty at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing should consult the guidelines for external researchers, available at:

Ethics Approval for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Faculty members conducting Scholarship of Teaching and Learning are advised to consult with the Associate Dean Academic about their proposed project.

All protocols must be approved by the Undergraduate or Graduate Director (as relevant), and by the Associate Dean Academic. The signature page can be found here. The researcher can then submit the protocol to the office of the Associate Dean Research following the procedure below.

Faculty, Status-only appointees, PhD Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows: Delegated or Full Board Approval

All protocols that require delegated or full board approval must be approved by the Associate Dean of Research prior to submission to UofT REB.  Feedback and/or approval will be provided within (5) business days from receipt of the REB application by the research office. Revisions may be required prior to the submission to UofT REB. REB meeting dates can be found here.

Please submit the following (as one file, named: Lastname_Firstname_ethics_date) to the research office by email (

  • Cover sheet (link here)
  • MRHP Application (link here; you can cut and paste from this form into the online system)
  • All Appendices

Useful links

Guide to informed consent can be found here.

MRHP how-to guides can be found here; and information on training sessions can be found by logging into MRA and looking under the human ethics protocol.

Any questions about MRHP or the above process can be directed to the research office (by email,; or by telephone, 416 978 8533). A full word version of the online ethics form can be obtained on request from the research office.


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