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Nursing Education for the Practice Setting: Theoretical Perspectives and Context

Apr 8-Jun 16, 2020

10 week course

Course Code: NUR-EDU1-APR2020

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Delivery Format: Online

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  • Course Description

    This 10-week on-line course focuses on development of a foundational knowledge base in education theory and pedagogical issues relevant to nursing education in the practice setting. Participants will explore the challenges and opportunities for teaching and learning, and educational leadership within the unique context of practice settings. The course will include:

    • exploration of standards and competencies for the nurse educator;
    • scholarship and theoretical perspectives of adult teaching /learning relevant to nursing education in the practice setting;
    • conceptualization of a personal teaching philosophy; and
    • the development of the nurse educator as a leader in supporting professional practice.

    Course Objectives

    By the end of this course participants will be able to:

    1. Compare traditional and contemporary theoretical perspectives in adult teaching and learning.
    2. Identify the relevance of learning theory to the role of the nurse educator.
    3. Describe different learner profiles and implications for educational programs.
    4. Develop appreciation for scholarship and evidence-based teaching as important elements of the nurse educator role.
    5. Articulate a personal teaching philosophy incorporating select adult learning theories.
    6. State guiding standards/role requirements for nurse educators.
    7. Identify current issues, challenges, and approaches for working & educating in complex clinical contexts.
    8. Examine factors affecting the teacher /learner relationship in relation to the unique learning needs of health care professionals and staff.
    9. Reflect on own transitional needs and development as a nurse educator and education leader.

    Please Note: This is one of three required courses for the “Certificate in Nursing Education for the Practice Setting” (Not-for-credit). It may be taken as a “stand alone” course however, if taken as part of the certificate, all three required courses must be completed within a two year period. The other two courses are:


    Nurses and health professionals with an interest in nursing education in the practice setting. This course will be of importance to those who have current responsibilities for nursing education and/or professional practice as a component of their roles who wish to enhance their knowledge, as well as, for those considering a role in nursing education as a career opportunity.

  • This course is offered as a fully on-line asynchronous course through the University of Toronto Learning Management System (Quercus). In each of the 10 weeks of the course participants are expected to view a one-hour e-learning module, review required readings, actively engage with the course material by responding to questions related to the readings, posting their completed learning activities in the Learning Portal, and/or contribute to the discussion board with fellow participants. It is anticipated faculty and participants will benefit and gain valuable learning through the sharing of insights related to nursing education and the nurse educator role from the real world experiences of the individuals taking part in this course. Assignments will provide opportunity for reflection and demonstration of learning. Grading for this course is on a pass /fail basis. In order for participants to receive a grade of “pass” they must obtain a final minimum average of 70% in the course based on all evaluation methods. It is anticipated that participants will need to allocate at least 6–8 hours per week to complete the required components of the course. Please note for this course the week runs from the Wednesday to the Tuesday evening following.

    Weekly Progress Learning Module Topics Evaluative Components
    Week 1 Introduction to course and Online details BE A LEADER-  MAKE A DIFFERENCE… The Nurse as Education Leader Discussion Board Post
    Week 2 THEORY WITHOUT PRACTICE IS JUST AS INCOMPLETE AS PRACTICE WITHOUT THEORYTeaching and Learning – Theoretical Perspectives For Nursing Pt 1  Discussion Board Post
    Week 3 A TEACHER IS ONE WHO MAKES HIMSELF (HERSELF) PROGRESSIVELY UNNECESSARY Teaching and Learning – Theoretical Perspectives For Nursing Pt 2 Activity #1: Theoretical Perspectives Compare and Contrast
    Week 4 WHY DO I NEED A TEACHING PHILOSOPHY? The Nurse Educator –Teaching Philosophy, Scholarship and Evidence Discussion Board Post
    Week 5 PRIORITY IS A FUNCTION OF CONTEXT… Addressing Challenges in the Learning Environment Assignment #1 Teaching Philosophy Statement
    Week 6 WHEN THE STUDENT IS READY, THE TEACHER APPEARS… What Do We Know About the Adult Learner? Discussion Board Post
    Week 7 THE DOOR THAT NOBODY ELSE WILL GO IN… The Nurse as Unique Learner. Activity #2: Clinical Exemplar
    Week 8 THE TEACHER MUST BE CAPABLE OF BEING MORE TEACHABLE THAN THE APPRENTICE… Development Of Nurse Educator Role Discussion Board Post
    Week 9 I TEACH THEREFORE I LEARN What Are Characteristics of a Good Nurse Educator? Discussion Board Post
    Week 10 WE DO NOT LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE, WE LEARN FROM REFLECTING ON EXPERIENCE… Reflective Teaching Practice Discussion Board Post

    Assignment #2: Reflective Learning Proposal

  • Faculty

    Kate Hardie, RN, EdD
    Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

    Kate Hardie is an Associate Professor –Teaching Stream in the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing and currently teaches in the undergraduate and graduate programs. She has worked in nursing education for most of her career as clinical instructor, clinical supervisor, course coordinator and in program administrative roles. She has developed a keen interest in assisting learning with students, novice nurses and in orientation and support programs for clinical instructors. This interest has been further developed through presentations in conferences on teaching and learning in health professional programs, clinical teaching workshops and in a graduate course focusing on application of teaching learning theoretical perspectives for nurse educators.

    Colleen McNamee, RN, MN
    Manager, Professional Practice and Education, Runnymede Healthcare Centre

    Colleen McNamee is a Registered Nurse with over 12 years of experience in direct care, research, education and leadership. Her clinical background has been exclusively with trauma and neurosurgical acute care patient populations. She has a BScN from Dalhousie University and an MN from the Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto, where she currently holds an adjunct faculty appointment. She has worked in leadership roles in professional practice and education since 2014 and has expertise in evidence-informed practice-based nursing education for nurses and nursing students, capacity building in nursing education, and implementation and evaluation of best practice initiatives.

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    Please Note

    • Refund Policy – To withdraw from the course and receive a refund, your written request must be emailed to by March 6, 2020. No refunds will be given after this date. All refunds are subject to an administration fee of $100 + tax. As an alternative, a colleague may attend in your place. Please send your substitution request at least 7 days before the course.
    • Advanced registration is required. Registration deadline: March 31, 2020.
    • U of T Nursing Alumni discount is available to BScN, MN, PMNP Diploma, MScN or PhD graduates of the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto.
    • U of T Nursing Faculty discount is available to individuals with a faculty position, adjunct or status appointment, or are a Clinical Instructor (current academic year only) at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto.
    • Student discount is available to individuals currently registered in the BScN, MN, PMNP or PhD programs at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing.
    • Applicable taxes (13% HST) will be added to the registration fees.
    • Course Cancellation Policy – The University reserves the right to cancel courses due to unavailability of instructors, facilities or insufficient enrolment. Decisions on course cancellations are made at least 15 calendar days prior to the course starting date, so early registration is recommended. If you enroll in a course that is subsequently cancelled, you may transfer to another section of that course if an alternative is available; or you may receive a full refund. We are not responsible for travel fees or any expenses incurred by you.
  • Date and Location

    Jan 16-Mar 26, 2019

    10 week online course

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