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Congratulations on your achievements and welcome to the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto.

This web page is dedicated to providing you with information on what you can expect from the time of offer of admission to registration in your courses this fall.  This web page will be updated throughout the spring and summer.  Please bookmark this page and visit us often.  We will also send you reminder emails throughout the spring and summer.

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  • Year 1 BScN Nursing Student Checklist

    Step 1: Accept your offer of admission

    To accept an admission offer, please complete all of the following steps:

    1.Log into JOIN U of T site to accept the offer by the  deadline indicated in your official offer.

    2.Submit a non-refundable tuition deposit of $500.00 via certified cheque or money order* in Canadian funds, payable to “The University of Toronto”  by the payment deadline indicated in your official offer to secure your spot.

    The deposit should be submitted to the address below:

    Student Accounts, University of Toronto, 215 Huron Street, 3rd floor, Toronto, ON M5S 1A2

    *The University of Toronto does not accept personal cheques, credit cards or cash for this payment.

    Step 2: Review important dates

    There are a number of important dates that you should be aware of such as the start and end dates for academic terms, etc.  Please refer to the important dates tab at the top of the page.

    Step 3: Gather documents for your student preparedness permit

    A Student Preparedness Permit with us is a record that confirms you have submitted valid documentation to indicate your readiness to undertake our Nursing educational program, including your police record check, immunization records, CPR certification, etc. The due date to submit documents to our Faculty is August 15, 2018. Some documents involve multiple steps and may take you several weeks to obtain. We urge you to time your immunizations and certifications to ensure they are valid for the full duration of the academic year until the end of June.

    All requirements must be met in order for students to be enrolled. Please read about the common errors that cause your immunization record to be rejected. All documents need to be official and in English (translations should be certified/notarized). Students should initiate their police record checks VSS in June as there can be lengthy wait times with some police services. Toronto residents are required to obtain a form prior to initiating the police record check VSS with Toronto Police Service. Office hours for obtaining the Toronto Police Service form are Wednesdays 9:30-11:30 and Thursdays 1:30-3:30 pm starting June 13 to August 2 in room 257 at the Faculty of Nursing (155 College Street).

    The Faculty of Nursing uses a secure web portal for students to submit their documents. Students have the advantage of keeping their documents all in one place to avoid lost items. A secure login-based online system allows students to view their files, book the dates when their files will be reviewed, check the status of their files, and receive reminders for any upcoming expiry dates. An initial $47.75 fee will be required and additional charges will apply for any incomplete files (don’t forget to upload your JPEG photo along with all your forms!). All personal information collected is protected under FIPPA. Click here for further instructions.

    All Year 1 BScN students will be required to attend an on campus mask fit testing event on September 4 in our 3rd floor student lounge. Students will pay $22.60 for the mask fit session. More instructions will be sent during the summer via email on how to register for this event.

    (As an additional note, students are encouraged to receive the influenza vaccine each year and to provide their placement agencies proof of vaccination upon request. For students who do not have their flu vaccination, they will need to comply with the infection control policies at their placement sites. Additional measures may be taken for an outbreak.)

    Step 4: Clear any outstanding conditions

    If your offer of admission has conditions, these are outlined in your offer letter. You are required to clear all conditions by the due date indicated on your offer of admission letter. Failure to clear outstanding condition(s) may jeopardize your entry to the BScN Program.

    Step 5: Look for student housing

    While many of our students live at home, many also live on their own near campus. If you are looking for housing on or near campus, start your search with a visit to the Student Housing website.

    Step 6: Finance your studies

    There are a number of other funding opportunities available to BScN students from government student aid, such as OSAP to nursing organizations/associations.   For more information about educational grants, bursaries, and scholarships available to nurses in Ontario, please click here.

    We will send email alerts throughout the year as award & bursary opportunities become available.

    Step 7: Obtain your TCard and UT Email

    At the University of Toronto the “TCard” serves as both a student card and library card. It is also used to create student ID badges for practicum. Long lines are expected for August and September so it is strongly recommended students make time during the summer to obtain their TCard. You can take your letter of offer of admission, proof of citizenship, and one piece of photo-ID to the TCard office at the Koffler Student Services Centre (214 College St.). Further information can be found on the TCard website.

    When the TCard is issued, your UTORid will be issued at the same time. Your UTORid allows you to access various web based services, including your email account and the University’s student portal and learning management system (Blackboard). Students must activate their UTORids in order to access these services and course information hosted on the portal. For information on how to activate your UTORid, please refer to the UTORid website.

    If you are already have a TCard that was issued prior to June 2016, you must visit the TCard office with government-issued photo identification to you have your photo taken. There is no charge for taking your picture; however, you will not be issued a new card. The photo will be used for your ID badge for Nursing.

    Step 8: Pay your tuition

    Registration in the program is completed when the tuition payment has been made and students have obtained a student preparedness permit.  Tuition payment can be made when the fee invoice is issued in mid-July.

    Full details on fees and registration will be sent out to new students in July.

    Step 9: Attend orientation

    Mandatory faculty-led orientation is scheduled for the week of September 3.

    Please click here for information for the Nursing Undergraduate Society (NUS) orientation.

  • Undergraduate program sessional dates (2018-2019)

    Day Month Date Activity
    M July 2 Canada Day holiday
    July 11 Pre-orientation (for Entry year)
    M August 6 Civic Holiday – University closed
    W August 15 Due Date: Entry Year students – submission of immunization form, proof of BCLS certification, record of Police Check, etc.
    W August 15 Due Date: Submission of online BScN Information Sheet for Clinical Placements
     M August 27 Deadline to register in the program
    M September 3 Labour Day – University closed
    T September 4 Mask Fitting Day
    W September 5 Orientation for Entry Year BScN students (Mandatory)
    Th September 6 Student-led orientation for Entry Year BScN students
    M September 10 Fall Session (F) classes begin Entry Year: NUR350Y, NUR351H, NUR360Y
     Th/F September 20/21 Entry Year – Clinical starts for NUR360Y: Rotation 1 to October 18/19
     Su September 30 Payment deadline for unpaid fall term tuition in order to avoid service charges
    M October 8 Thanksgiving holiday – University closed
    M-F October 22-26 Fall Reading Week (Entry Year and Senior Year)
    November TBD Fall Convocation – BScN Class of 2018
     Th/F November 8/9 Entry Year – Clinical starts for NUR360Y: Rotation 2 to December 6/7
    F November 30 Payment deadline for unpaid winter term tuition in order to avoid service charges (for those not receiving OSAP)
    F December 7 Classes end Entry Year: NUR350Y, NUR351H, NUR360Y
    M-F December 10-14 Examination week
    M December 24 Winter break begins – University closed until January 4, 2019 inclusive
    M January 7 University reopens
    M January 7 Winter Session (S) Classes Begin Entry Year: NUR370Y, NUR390H
    T January 8 Rotation 1 Clinical courses begin (NUR371Y, NUR372Y, NUR373Y) and end on February 22
    Th January 31 Payment deadline for unpaid winter term tuition in order to avoid service charges (for those receiving OSAP)
    M February 18 Family Day holiday – University closed
    M-F February 25 Reading Week (Entry Year): Feb 25 to March 1
     T March 5 Rotation 2 Clinical courses begin (NUR371Y, NUR372Y, NUR373Y) and end on April 18
    F April 5 Winter Class ends for Entry Year
    F April 19 Good Friday-University closed
    M-F April 22 Spring Break Week for Entry Year: Apr 22-26
     T April 30 Rotation 3 Clinical courses begin (NUR371Y, NUR372Y, NUR373Y) and end on June 14
    M May 20 Victoria Day – University Closed
    M-F June 17-21 Entry Year Examination Week
  • The Faculty of Nursing welcomes international students. To help you prepare for your arrival, please visit the University of Toronto websites for new international students and the Centre for International Experience.


    Name Role Email Address Roles
    Erica Cambly Interim Undergraduate Program Director Academic advising
    Pamela Khan Year 1 Coordinator Academic advising
    Soobong Song Faculty Registrar Registration and enrolment
    Tammy Chan Associate Registrar


    Angela Ho Awards Officer Financial aid
    Marisa Covello Undergraduate Program Assistant Program support
    Kong Ng Student Placement Coordinator Student preparedness permit
    Sharon Lee Student Placement Coordinator Student preparedness permit
    Grase Kim Assistant Dean, Academic Programs Clinical education office


  • If you had academic accommodations for a previous degree or have a documented issue that requires academic accommodations currently, please register with Accessibility Services before the start of term. These services tend to get very busy in September. Academic accommodations might include, for example, extra time for papers or exams.

    If you will require ongoing appointments with a physician, psychologist, or psychiatrist, and you do not have care in Toronto, please contact the university’s Health & Wellness services to schedule an appointment. These services tend to get very busy as well once the academic year begins.   Students also have access to counselling services on-site at the Faculty of Nursing through an Embedded Wellness Counsellor. The Counsellor will offer brief counselling services to student tailored to the challenges presented by university life. The focus of counselling is on strengths, resiliency, and skills-building.  Students can call Health & Wellness at 416-978-8030 if they have any questions or wish to book/reschedule an appointment

  • Check back here frequently for news & announcements!


    1. I have a previously documented positive TB test was positive and I had a chest x-ray a couple of years ago. Will you accept my chest x-ray? Chest x-ray results are required within the last year.
    2. Will I need another police record check while in the program? The Faculty of Nursing requires students to submit an updated police record check (vulnerable sector screening) by August 15 every year. In some cases, the agency where the student is placed may ask for a more recent police record check. Students are expected to comply with agency-specific requirements.
    3. If I provide my health immunization information to UofT, can I assume they will share this information with all my practicum placements? No, the Faculty of Nursing does not share personal information, such as health records or date of birth to practicum agencies. The Faculty of Nursing checks annually to ensure students are fit for practicum but individual agencies reserve the right to have students complete their own agency-specific forms. In some cases, the agency will ask the Faculty of Nursing to confirm that the student has been vetted. In most cases, students will need to submit their own information to the agency where they are placed for practicum.
    4. Am I exempt from the TB test if I am considered low risk status? We do not waive the TB requirement for students. It is required to ensure students meet the requirements of our teaching hospitals and other jurisdictions. Some regions may vary in their requirements but we do our best to ensure students are eligible for practicum in as many locations as possible.
    5. Are there other hospital/agency requirements that I need to know about prior to starting practicum placements? Many agencies will ask students to complete confidentiality forms, IT security clearance, and other forms 4-6 weeks prior to the start of practicum. Students should check their UofT email messages to ensure they do not miss this crucial step or they may be prevented from starting practicum. Students should also visit the website of the organization where they are placed to seek out the links to importation orientation materials.
    6. Can I attach lab results to the University of Toronto’s immunization form and leave sections blank for Synergy’s evaluation? All health information must be consolidated on our health template form. We will not accept blank sections of the form and give credit for attached documentation.
    7. How do I get my documents translated into English? The onus is on the student to have certified translated documents. You can do a web search for various certified translation services in Toronto (or other cities).
    8. If I live in Toronto, do I need to come on campus to pick up a Toronto Police Record request form? That is correct. Toronto Police Service requires that academic programs distribute their form only to students who have valid photo ID with a Toronto address and are officially offered admission to the program. Toronto Police Service will not allow us to mail these forms out to students since we are responsible for viewing the photo ID and ensuring the form is only given to individuals we verify are indeed students in our program.

    (This announcement was posted on June 5, 2018)


    Mandatory on-campus mask-fitting sessions will occur throughout the day on Tuesday, September 4, 2018. BScN students will need to book a designated timeslot for when they can have their session. More information will be sent to BScN students in the summer.

    (This announcement was posted on May 16, 2018)





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