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Controlled Drugs and Substances: Essential Management and Prescribing Practices

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  • This course is approved by the following regulators in meeting the educational requirements for prescribing controlled drugs and substances:

    • The College of Nurses of Ontario – See the listing on the College website.
    • The College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba – See the listing on the College website.
    • BC College of Nursing Professionals (BCCNP) – The BCCNP board on June 19, 2019 approved the addition of this accepted course for controlled drugs and substances prescribing for nurse practitioners. This change comes into effect July 22, 2019. See the listing on the College website.
    • The Registered Nurses Association of Northwest Territories and Nunavut

    If you are registered with a College/Association outside of Ontario you should determine whether this course will satisfy the requirements of your regulator. 

    NP Students please note: NP graduate programs in Ontario are undergoing an accreditation processes to have curriculum for controlled drugs and substance prescribing approved by the College of Nurses of Ontario.  Students currently enrolled in a program that has not received or enrolled prior to receiving this certification will be required to take one of the approved CNO courses as continuing professional development. (e.g. UofT NP students starting September 2018 will graduate with the CDS competencies covered. Those who started prior to September 2018 must take a continuing education course). The C.N.O. is currently accepting records of successful completion of this course for NP students and will transfer this to the individual’s NP registration once they have successfully passed their NP exams.

    Course Description

    This course is designed to provide nurse practitioners with the knowledge and skills required for safe, high quality assessment and management of clients who may require the prescription of a Controlled Drug or Substance (CDS).  This course will deliver the education necessary for Nurse Practitioners in Canada to develop the required competencies for:

    1. Prescribing and monitoring CDS in accordance with federal/provincial/territorial legislation, regulation & guidelines.
    2. Integrating concepts of safety, ethics and evidence informed practice in decision making pertaining to prescribing CDS.
    3. Developing and implementing client-centered CDS treatment plans which include education, monitoring and evaluation of outcomes.

    This course may also be of interest to all healthcare practitioners who are interested in enhancing their knowledge of assessment and management practices related to CDS. This comprehensive course includes a final exam and covers the following topics:

    1. Overview of nurse practitioner prescriptive authority for controlled drugs and substances (CDS) in Canada
    2. Ethical and safe practice context issues
    3. Pharmacology and indications for the prescribing of authorized CDS classes (Note re: May 2108 legislation changes – additional modules including Heroin, Methadone and Medical Marijuana Cases will be available to participants in September 2018)
    4. Assessment & treatment planning related to CDS prescribing – universal approach
    5. Assessment & treatment planning for clients with complex presentations including: substance use disorders or substance diversion behaviours
    6. Case presentations from acute & primary care settings, including paediatric and geriatric populations

    Online (self-paced) Course Content

    Our online fully self-paced course includes interactive eLearning modules, short video clips, links to tools and resources, and access to Virtual Interactive Case software to practice your clinical decision making. All course content is delivered using Quercus, our learning management system. We anticipate this course will take 10-20 hrs to complete. Your access to the course and resources will begin approximately 5 business days after you register and will end 4 months from the day you receive access.

    Online Exam

    Your final completion grade includes results from section quizzes and a final exam. You may attempt the section quizzes and the final exam as many times as you wish. Results will be provided immediately. You are required to achieve 75% in order to successfully complete the course.

    Please Note:

    Upon successful completion of this course you will receive your final mark and a certificate of completion via email. The registration form offers a place where you may give permission to the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing to release your course status (pass) to your  regulatory College/Association. In Ontario: Within 7 days of achievement of an overall passing grade of 75% or higher, the University will automatically start the notification process. Information sent includes the participant’s full name as it appears on their College license, date of course, and completion status as “pass”.  Grades are not submitted.  If you are an NP, the CNO will notify you within approximately 1-2 weeks that you have met the educational requirements for NP prescribing of controlled drugs and substances and are allowed to practice without restrictions.  NP students will have the course applied to their NP registration once you have written your NP exam. Other Provinces/Territories: There is not an automatic notification process in place but the University will release the information as requested directly through our e-mail by the individual and the approving regulator body.

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    Online (self-paced) Available now! $210 + HST

    Please Note

    • Registration is limited.
    • Advanced registration is required. No on-site registration at the event.
    • Applicable taxes (13% HST) will be added to the registration fees.
    • Refund Policy – To withdraw from the online course and receive a refund, your written request must be emailed to within 24 hours of registering for the course. No refunds will be given after this time limit. All refunds are subject to an administration fee of $100 + tax.
    • Course Cancellation Policy  – The university reserves the right to cancel courses due to unavailability of instructors, facilities or insufficient enrollment. Decisions on course cancellations are made at least 15 calendar days prior to the course starting date, so early registration is recommended. If you enroll in a course that is subsequently cancelled, you may transfer to another section of that course if an alternative is available; or you may receive a full refund of the fee and tax you paid to the University of Toronto. We are not responsible for travel arrangements, travel fees, or any expenses incurred by you.

    Payment method options

    You have two payment options:

    1. Register online with a credit card.
    2. Register by mail with a certified cheque or money order.

    Credit Card:

    You can register and pay online with a credit card.

    Certified cheque or money order:

    You can register and pay by mail.

    Step 1: Type your information onto the appropriate online form and then print the page (i.e. don’t click “Confirmation and Payment”. Don’t pay by online credit card).
    Step 2: Obtain a certified cheque or money order payable to “University of Toronto” for the registration fee plus 13% HST. No personal cheques. No debit cards.

    Fees  (including HST)

    Online (self-paced) Available now! $238
    Step 3: Mail the paper registration form with payment (no personal cheques, no cash, no credit cards, no debit cards) to:

    Centre for Professional Development Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing University of Toronto Suite 130, 155 College Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1P8

    Step 4: When we receive your registration form we will email a confirmation notice.
  • Faculty

    Core content was developed by nurse practitioners in a variety of practice settings within Ontario in collaboration/consultation with physician and pharmacy partners. Our primary faculty includes: Kathryn Deverson MN, NP (Paediatrics), RN(EC), IBCLC Bio to come. Lynn Haslam RN(EC), MN, PANC(C) Nurse Practitioner-Adult, Certificate in Anesthesia Care Pre-Operative Clinic, Holland Centre, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Ontario Adjunct Lecturer, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto Jiao Jiang MMed (China), NP-Adult, MN, GDipNPAC Nurse Practitioner, Acute Pain Service, Toronto General Hospital Adjunct Lecturer, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto Mary Mowbray NP-Adult, MN, RDMS, GDipNPAC, PNC(C) Nurse Practitioner, Anesthesia and Pain Service, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ontario Adjunct Lecturer, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto Monica Parry MEd, MSc, NP-Adult, PhD, CCN(C) Associate Professor and Coordinator, Nurse Practitioner Programs, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto Nurse Practitioner, Cardiac Surgery; Investigator, THETA Collaborative and Collaborative Program in Resuscitation Science, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto Katherine Trip NP-Adult, MN Assistant Professor, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto Heather Whittle RN(EC), MScN, GDipNPAC Nurse Practitioner, Department of Anesthesia Care and Perioperative Medicine, London Health Sciences Centre, London, Ontario Rosanra Yoon NP-Adult, MN Nurse Practitioner, The Jean Tweed Centre, Toronto, Ontario Kevin Zizzo NP-Paediatric, MN, GDipNPAC Paediatric Nurse Practitioner, Cardiology, McMaster Children’s Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario Adjunct Lecturer, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto

  • Online Self-Paced Course Schedule The detailed schedule for the online self-paced course is available as a Printable PDF – updated March 10, 2017.

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    Available Now! (Online Self – Paced Course) Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing Health Sciences Building University of Toronto 155 College Street Toronto, ON Canada M5T 1P8 map

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    Phone: (416) 978-1784
    Address: Centre for Professional Development (PD) Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing University of Toronto 155 College Street, Suite 130 Toronto, ON  Canada M5T 1P8 map

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