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MN-NP Field & Post-Master NP Diploma

NP Placement Overview

Master of Nursing, NP Field (MN-NP),
Post-Master of Nursing, NP Field (PMNP)

Our MN–NP and Post-Master NP programs are offered online.

NP students are required to complete four clinical placement courses:

  1. Advanced Health Assessment and Clinical Reasoning course (NUR1101H, NUR1102H, or NUR1114H);
  2. Advanced Health Assessment and Therapeutic Management I course (NUR1115H, NUR1116H, or NUR1117H);
  3. Advanced Health Assessment and Therapeutic Management II course (NUR1215H, NUR1216H, or NUR1217H);
  4. Nurse Practitioners: Roles and Issues course (NUR1221H, 1222H, or NUR1223H).

Potential practice settings are diverse, ranging from care in community settings for at-risk populations to caring for clients in an ICU setting. The preceptors for the NP program include nurse practitioners and physicians, many with a clinical appointment at the Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing.

More information about NP clinical placements can be found within our NP Student Placement FAQs

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