Advanced Nursing Practice Scholarship Clinical

NUR1179Y provides learners who are in the final term of their MN-Clinical program with opportunities to integrate previous learning and continue the analysis, synthesis and integration of advanced theoretical principles and concepts related to advanced nursing practice.

According to the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA 2008, p9), “advanced nursing practice is an umbrella term describing an advanced level of clinical nursing practice that maximizes the use of graduate educational preparation, in-depth nursing knowledge and expertise in meeting the health needs of individuals, families, groups, communities and populations”. The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) has identified core competencies required of advanced practice nurses in the document ‘Advanced Nursing Practice: A National Framework’ (CNA 2008). This course specifically provides you with opportunities to further develop and establish your knowledge, skills, and judgment related to CNA categories of competencies: clinical, leadership, research and consultation and collaboration.

You will focus on the competencies related to the Clinical Nursing field and your future goals. You must be very familiar with this framework. Advanced nursing practice involves “analysing and synthesizing knowledge; understanding, interpreting and applying nursing theory and research; and developing and advancing nursing knowledge and the profession as a whole” (CAN 2008, p10). In this course, learners activate, build, and refine the knowledge and skills that are consistent with the core competencies as outlined in the framework including clinician, researcher, leader, and consultant/collaborator. Students are expected to integrate knowledge from previous course work as well as assigned readings.

Nursing takes place in a variety of settings and contexts, including, but not limited to, hospitals, communities, clinics, and educational settings. Scholarship in advanced practice is not confined to any one role or setting. Scholarship is an attribute of the advanced practice of nurse clinicians, educators, administrators/ managers, and researchers. Thus, NUR1179Y is completed in a variety of settings to allow options and the selection of a focus for scholarship in practice that builds on the foundation of completed course work and professional experiences. These foci include clinical, education, management / administration, and research, including knowledge translation. Learners have options to pursue practicum placements in any of the following settings: acute care hospitals, the community, long-term care, complex continuing care, or colleges / universities. The practicum placement should align with the individual student’s learning goals, completed course work, and future career goals. Course participation consolidates learner development as an advanced practice nurse.

Throughout the course, learners engage in the following:

  • a formal guiding relationship with an advanced practice nurse preceptor
  • demonstration of advanced nursing practice competencies (CNA, 2008)
  • actively participation within a community of learners to understand and integrate advanced practice nurse competencies.