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MN-Clinical and MN-HSLA Placements

Placement Overview
NUR1072 Practicum Scholarship
  • Overview of MN-Clinical and MN-HSLA Placements

    In our MN Clinical field of study, students complete a 24-hour placement in the Winter term of their first year for the required course NUR1170. An additional 4 hours are spent in our simulation lab. These students also complete a clinical placement for 160 hours for their final consolidation course NUR1179.

    In our MN Health Systems Leadership & Administration field of study, students complete an 30-hour placement in the Spring term of their first year for the required course NUR1152. These students also complete a clinical placement for 160 hours for their final consolidation course NUR1169.

    For both fields of study, placements can be completed within a variety of practice settings including health-care facilities and government agencies. Our preceptors are knowledgeable professionals with an interest in the advancement of graduate nursing students and many are clinical appointees of the faculty.

  • NUR1072 Practice Scholarship

    NUR1072 provides learners in the final term of MN program with opportunities to integrate previous learning and continue the analysis, synthesis and integration of advanced theoretical principles and concepts related to advanced nursing practice, using the revised national framework for advanced nursing practice (CNA, 2008). Learners activate, build, and refine the knowledge and skills that are consistent with the core competencies as outlined in the framework including practitioner, researcher, leader, and consultant/collaborator. The course highlights the scholarship of practice in the master’s program. NUR1072 is offered in a variety of settings to allow students options and selection of a focus for their scholarship in practice. These foci include clinical, education, management, and research. The practicum placement should align with the individual student’s clinical/administration focus and learning goals. During NUR1072, learners engage in a formal guiding/preceptored relationship with an advanced practice preceptor, demonstrate advanced nursing practice scholarship competencies (CNA, 2008) and actively participate in a community of learners who are committed to fostering excellence and advancing the nursing profession. The course consolidates learner development as an advanced practice nurse. The Canadian Nurses Association has identified core competencies required of advanced practice nurses in the document “Advanced Nursing Practice: A National Framework” (2008). This course specifically furthers development of your knowledge, skill, and judgment related to the following CNA categories of competencies: clinical, leadership, research and consultation and collaboration (NUR1072 will be taken alone in final term of the MN clinical and administration fields of study program and only after completion of all other coursework and program requirements.)

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