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General Overview

All Masters level programs of the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto include courses combining scholarship and practical field work experiences. The purpose of the practicum experience is to consolidate learning from the graduate program in a real life setting, utilizing the knowledge and skill of advanced practice preceptors currently employed in the role. Students can refer to the timeline documents (MN Clinical, MN HSLA, NP) for further information. Additional resources for NP students include an FAQ document and algorithms for each area of emphasis (Adult, Paeds, PHC-GH).


2019 NUR1152 Preceptor Handbook (Year 1 MN HSLA)

2019 NUR1072 Preceptor Handbook (Year 2 MN HSLA/Clinical)

2019 NP Preceptor Handbook (Year 1 and Year 2 NP)

Year 1 MN Clinical Student Online Placement Form

Each newly admitted MN Clinical student needs to complete an online placement form the summer prior to beginning the program. Students will be invited to complete the form sometime end of June or early July. All Year 1 MN Clinical students have a 60-hour practicum placement in the fall term for their first year (56 hours in a clinical setting, 4 hours in the simulation lab). Best efforts will be made to match preferences for particular preceptors and locations.  In Year 1 the experience is primarily about shadowing an APN to learn about the role.

Year 2 MN Clinical Student Placement

Students are typically placed with Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS), Educators, and other Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) roles. However, students must NOT be placed with a practicing NP. The preceptor does not need to have direct contact with patients; but through their role does have a direct or indirect impact on clinical care and/or nursing practice. During the practicum, students are expected to contribute to their practicum agency through a negotiated, mutually satisfying project with a scholarly focus that will be articulated in poster format in week 10 and form the basis for the practice paper. The scholarly focus must be completed within the placement experience of 160 hours and may take the form of a negotiated project or active planning and delivery in teaching / learning interventions for staff or patients / families or working with nursing staff and other expert health care team members to ensure that excellent nursing care is planned, provided, and evaluated. All practice scholarship must concentrate on some aspect of the advanced nursing practice role.

Year 2 students will need to identify a project to complete in the placement, but preceptors do not need to identify a project in advance.  Students should begin to enact the APN role through the project but they should also do other activities with the preceptor to learn more about all aspects of the role. While there are broad learning objectives for the course related to understanding and enacting the APN role, students in Year 2 will negotiate and finalize specific and individual learning objectives with the preceptor and course instructor during the first week of the placement.

All learners are expected to meet regularly with their preceptors throughout the term during work hours for advanced practice preceptors (Monday to Friday) and should expect to spend the majority of their time in the practice setting (with their preceptors or in other planned practicum activities) to ensure that they maximize learning about the advanced practice nurse role.

MN HSLA Student Placements

Students are typically placed with Nurse Managers, Professional Practice Leaders, Directors, and other Advanced Practice Nursing roles. Yr1 MN HSLA students complete an 80-hour learning-by-observation practicum with mostly shadowing, attending meetings, and observing leadership abilities of others. Through these experiences, students develop an understanding of the different roles of the nurse leaders / executive and the opportunities and challenges associated with leading in current health care contexts. Yr2 MN HSLA students complete a final consolidation placement for 170 hours. The practicum experience provides students with opportunities to integrate previous learning and continue the analysis, synthesis and integration of advanced theoretical principles and concepts related to advanced nursing practice. Students are expected to begin to enact advanced nursing practice competencies while in their placements.

Site-Specific Information

Some placement locations have specific requirements for applications for placements as well as orientation materials to be completed prior to the first day of placement. Click here for more information.

Annual Flu Shot

It is strongly recommended students receive the influenza vaccine each year when the flu vaccine is available and to provide their placement agencies proof of vaccination upon request. For students who do not have their flu vaccination, they will need to comply with the infection control policies at their placement sites. Additional measures may be taken or students may need to be removed from the unit during an outbreak.

Chest X-Rays for Year 1 and Year 2 students

Students entering Year 1 and Year 2 are required to have a chest x-ray within the year if they are TB tested positive. (Note: We require updated immunization records for Year 2 students who tested negative for TB.) Click here for further details for health and immunization forms.

Ancillary Fees for Preceptor Honorariums (NP Students Only)

In some instances, an agency where placements occur prohibit NP preceptors and the agency to accept preceptor honorarium payments for NP student placements. If an MN-NP or PM-NP student has a placement with an agency that does not accept honorarium payments either to the preceptor or to the agency, the student may be eligible for a partial refund of their ancillary fees upon graduation. All requests should be made in writing and directed to our Faculty Registrar no later than December 31 of the year a student completed his/her last practicum placement.

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