Advanced Health Assessment and Therapeutic Management II

NUR 1215 is a hybrid course with synchronous clinical practicum and evaluation components as well as asynchronous academic course instruction that builds upon the learning of the prior NP courses. The goal of NUR 1215 is the continued development of knowledge, skill and judgment as required for entry level NP practice in the area of advanced health assessment and therapeutic management of adult clients. It includes 250 clinical practicum hours, plus approximately 15 hours/week to complete learning activities and participate in the discussion board, plus additional time to prepare assignments.

Learning will focus on the presentation and therapeutic management of health and illness states from adolescent to older adults.

During clinical practicum components, with the guidance of experienced NP or MD preceptors, exposure to clients in health and illness states is used to build the development of advanced practice nursing skills in regard to patient and family assessment, integration of diagnostic reasoning, and development of treatment, planning and therapeutic management. Application of the clinical reasoning process is integral to the student’s clinical learning. Students are expected to incorporate knowledge of diversity, cultural safety, developmental stage, and social determinants of health into their assessments, diagnostics, diagnoses, and therapeutic plans. Students will reflect on the way that changes in their practice affect the responsibilities and accountabilities of nurse practitioners. Students are expected to practice in accordance with federal and local legislation, professional and ethical standards, and policy relevant to the role of an RN as well as the student nurse practitioner; including those that relate to controlled drugs and substances and medical assistance in dying (MAiD).

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NUR1215: Monica Parry NUR1216: Christine Belza (no profile) NUR1217: Jean Wilson