Advanced Health Assessment and Therapeutic Management I

NUR 1115 is a combined asynchronous course instruction and synchronous clinical practicum experience course. Course instruction is provided through the Quercus online platform.

The goal of NUR 1115 is the development of knowledge, skill and judgment as required for entry level NP practice and knowledge skill and judgement regarding advanced health assessment and therapeutic management of clients and families.

Learning will focus on the presentation of common health and illness symptoms from adolescence through old age. Discussions and topics will cover, emergent, urgent and life-threatening presentations as well as the application of health promotion and illness prevention activities. There is a focus on clinical reasoning, diagnostic testing and therapeutic planning including pharmacotherapy and CDS. Students are expected to critically appraise and utilize relevant research, and best practice guidelines when developing assignments, participating in on-line discussions, and when in the clinical practicum setting.

During the 250 hours of clinical practicum, with the guidance of experienced advanced practice clinicians (NP or MD), exposure to health and illness states are used to build the students’ development of Nurse Practitioner skills regarding patient and family assessment, integration of diagnostic reasoning, and development of treatment, planning and therapeutic management. Application of the clinical reasoning process is integral to the students’ experiences.

Students are expected to incorporate knowledge of diversity, cultural safety, equity, inclusion, developmental stage and social determinants of health into their assessments, diagnostics, diagnoses and therapeutic plans.

The Course Objectives outline the relevant CNO entry to practice NP competencies (CNO, 2018) that will be highlighted in online instruction and in the evaluation requirements for the clinical practicum experience for this course. Controlled substances competencies are integrated into the course keeping in mind the relevant CNO Entry-Level Competencies listed below.

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