Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

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Future forward

We are driven to excel, to exceed expectations and to forge the future of health care both in Canada and around the world.

At the University of Toronto Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, we thrive on the challenge to create better outcomes in health care — locally, nationally and across the globe. With close to a century of achievement, our graduates have earned reputations as prominent thinkers, research pioneers and relentless innovators.

We push ourselves to perform at the height of nursing education, research and practice, led by the brightest minds in nursing. Our faculty members mentor our students to excel, to make an impact and to lead where others can only follow.

An education or career at the U of T Faculty of Nursing will not only challenge you. It will change you. If you are ready to engage your heart and mind to move the boundaries of nursing forward, join us in bringing health-care’s future forward.

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