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Bloomberg Nursing faculty & alumni named Fellows, Canadian Academy of Nursing

15 September 2020

Bloomberg Nursing is tremendously proud to share that several members of our community have been named as Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Nursing. The Fellowship program recognizes and celebrates the most accomplished nurses in Canada and represents the highest honour for Canada’s nursing leaders. Each of these Fellows has demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment to advancing the nursing profession. 

The following Bloomberg Nursing community members have been inducted as Fellows:

  • Michelle Acorn – alumna & former lecturer
  • Marilyn Ballantyne – alumna
  • Marilyn Ford-Gilboe – alumna
  • Linda McGillis Hall – Professor & alumna
  • Pam Hubley – alumna
  • Lianne Jeffs – Associate Professor (status only) & alumna
  • Kathleen MacMillan – alumna
  • Mary McAllister – alumna
  • Natasha Prodan-Bhalla – alumna
  • Judith Shamian – former Professor
  • Beverly Simpson – alumna
  • Bonnie Stevens – Professor
  • Peggy White – alumna

Their appointment as Fellows is a testament to the depth and breadth of these individuals’ leadership, and the unwavering commitment to the profession of nursing they have demonstrated throughout the course of their careers. Congratulations!

Earlier this year, Professor Sioban Nelson, and Adjunct Lecturers Lynn Nagle and Earl Nowgesic, were named as Charter (founding) Fellows to the Canadian Academy of Nursing. They are amongst a cohort of twelve Charter Fellows, a group who act as an advisory committee to the new Academy, helping build the structure of the academy and developing a rigorous and prestigious Fellowship program.