Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Chantelle Bailey earned her PhD in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. She joined the Faculty of Nursing as a post-doctoral fellow in 2017; her supervisors are Drs. Lianne Jeffs (Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing) and Carolyn Pullen (Canadian Nurses Association). While here, Dr. Bailey will pursue research investigating the roles of nurses in opioid management, e.g., opioid initiation to cessation, and the context and mechanisms that enable and inhibit opioid stewardship within healthcare settings. The research is funded by the Canadian institutes of Health Research, the Canadian Nurses Association and Mitacs. Her research interests are cancer and non-cancer pain management (e.g., neonates), and stewardship of prescribed medicines, including opioids.


Photograph of Marina Bastawrous

Dr. Marina Bastawrous Wasilewski earned her PhD in 2016 from the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute at the University of Toronto. She is currently a post-doctoral fellow under the supervision of Dr. Louise Rose. Supported by a Mitacs Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship, Dr. Wasilewski is developing and piloting an online peer support program for caregivers of ventilator-assisted individuals (VAIs) living in the community. The goals of her study are to 1) adapt and evaluate a peer mentor training program; 2) develop an online peer support program for caregivers of VAIs; and 3) run a pilot randomized controlled trial and evaluate the support program’s impact on caregiver outcomes. Her research interests include ageing populations, caregiving, interpersonal relationships, peer support, online intervention development and delivery, and health-related social media.


Kathryn Birnie post-doctoral fellowDr. Kathryn Birnie joined Dr. Jennifer Stinson’s lab as a postdoctoral fellow in September 2016. She received her BA(Hons) in Psychology from the University of Calgary and her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Dalhousie University under the supervision of Dr. Christine Chambers. Dr. Birnie’s PhD research focused primarily on the role of parents and families in children’s pain. Her research has also examined the efficacy of psychological interventions for procedural pain, the pain experiences of hospitalized children, and the use of experimental pain methods with children. Dr. Birnie completed her predoctoral clinical internship at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the areas of pediatric health and general child and adolescent mental health. Dr. Birnie’s postdoctoral work in the area of paediatric pain is funded by a CIHR Fellowship. Her research will focus on the development of a smartphone app for improving pain management for adolescents following surgery, as well as the transition from acute to chronic pain.


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