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  • Certificate Description

    This certificate program has been developed to provide aspiring &/or practicing nursing educators & practice leaders with advanced level education, tools, and skills, to enhance their knowledge and expertise in the provision of clinical education that supports excellence in professional practice. The certificate focuses on the role of the nurse educator in practice settings that may include community, primary health care, long-term care and/or acute care; and where learners may include novice and experienced nurses, student nurses, other members of the health care team, as well as, clients and family members. Core course content focuses on the application of theoretical and evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning; as well as the design and development, teaching and facilitation, and evaluation of education initiatives in the practice setting. Participants have opportunities to engage in critical reflection and dialogue to support development of their educational leadership. The courses will address a wide variety of teaching and learning situations and common issues encountered in these roles such as, working with learners with differing levels of experience and expertise; managing competency and practice concerns; and providing education within complex practice environments.


    Nurses and health professionals with an interest in nursing education in the practice setting. This course will be of importance to those who have current responsibilities for nursing education and/or professional practice as a component of their roles who wish to enhance their knowledge, as well as, for those considering a role in nursing education as a career opportunity.

    Certificate Criteria

    Participants must successfully complete all 3 courses, normally over a 2-year period, to earn the Certificate in Nursing Education for the Practice Setting. The passing grade of 70% is set for each course. Courses offered by the Centre for Professional Development cannot be credited towards a degree program.
    • Participants may take individual courses without completing the full certificate
    • Courses may be taken in any order
  • Courses

    Learners may take the courses in any sequence and will earn a certificate by completing all three courses over a 2-year period.

    Nursing Education 1: Theoretical Perspectives and Context

    This 10-week on-line course focuses on development of a foundational knowledge base in education theory and pedagogical issues relevant to nursing education in the practice setting. Participants will explore the challenges and opportunities for teaching and learning, and educational leadership within the unique context of practice settings.

    September 18 – November 26, 2023

    10 week course

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    Nursing Education 2: Design, Development and Delivery

    This 10-week online course focuses on the practical application of theory and evidence on design, development and delivery of nursing education in the practice setting. The course will include: development of learning needs assessments for individuals and groups; creation of learner centred goals and objectives; incorporation of diverse approaches and techniques for educational program design and delivery; and consideration of practical and operational needs for delivery of educational programs.

    January 8 – March 24, 2024

    10 week course

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    Nursing Education 3: Assessment and Evaluation

    This 10-week online course focuses on development of a foundational knowledge base in education assessment and evaluation relevant to nursing education in the practice setting. Participants will: explore current and evidence-based approaches to program evaluation; appreciate the value of integrating assessment and evaluation methods throughout and education plan; examine a variety of assessment and evaluation tools; and develop a systematic approach to evaluation practices.

    April 15 – June 23, 2024

    10 week course

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  • Course Format

    This certificate consists of 3 courses, each 10-weeks in duration and delivered through the University of Toronto’s learning management system (Quercus).

    • Courses are primarily self-paced; however participants are required to engage in discussions and submit activities/assignments within identified timelines
    • Each course will host a LIVE (via Zoom) session for faculty & participants to engage with one another in a group discussion (alternative option is also available for this activity for those unable to attend).
    • Participants need to allocate ~6 -8 hours per week to complete the required components of the course.
    • Each course utilizes a similar format and teaching methods. On a weekly basis, participants will view an e-learning module, read required readings, and actively engage with the course material by participating in various learning activities. The emphasis of learning activities and assignments is on the notion of application of theory to practice and critical reflection. Short video interviews with experienced educators, peer assessments, and other technologies are used to model teaching & learning strategies.
  • What Others Have Said

    “This certificate was wonderful to create and should be required for all clinical nurse educators. I feel better equipped to enrich the teaching and learning experiences of the nurses and students I’ll meet”

    “Great trilogy of courses, I feel like I learned so much!”

    “It was great to see the theory and research behind clinical education being linked to my practice.”

    “Excellent quality of teachers and content”

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