Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

Service Requests


If you require a letter or need to replace an item on the list below please email with the details of your request. We will follow up in regards to the request as well as a link for payment of fees for the service.

  • Enrolment Letter (BScN only)*
  • Completion of Program Letter (BScN only)*
  • Re-read of Final Examination
  • Replacement ID badge
  • Copy of Records
  • Replacement Key Fob
  • Faculty Logo Crest
  • Courier Service (domestic Canada)
  • Licensing / Verification Fees (Post-Graduation)
  • International Visiting Graduate Student (IVGS) Admin Fee

*Current students and graduates of the MN, PM-NP and PhD can submit requests for Confirmation of Degree Requirements and Confirmation of Registration here:

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