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Message From the Dean

Dear Bloomberg Nursing Students,

As the University of Toronto has shifted to increased online learning activity in response to COVID-19, the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing has developed a number of resources to support our students through this unprecedented time. Whether you are new to Bloomberg Nursing or a returning student, you may be looking for advice on how to be successful and get the most out of your courses while learning online. 

Bloomberg Nursing instructors have access to a number of resources and the know-how to provide a rich learning experience for all our students, regardless of modality of course delivery. We are dedicated to ensuring you are well supported in your academic work, and get the most out of your digital learning environment. 

In order to help with the adjustment to remote learning, the Bloomberg Nursing IT team has developed and compiled additional resources that provide tips and strategies to help you prepare for your online learning experience. 

Thank you all for your adaptability, and for maintaining the strong sense of community that characterizes Bloomberg Nursing, even through these challenging times. Should you have specific questions not answered in the provided resources, please contact your course instructor(s).


Linda Johnston, PhD, FEANS, FAAN
Professor and Dean

Message From IT Services & Academic Technology Team

IT Services and The Academic Technology Team are looking forward to providing you with all the support and resources needed to succeed during your time at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing. The resources linked on this page are designed to help orient you to the Academic Technology environment at the Faculty of Nursing and the larger University of Toronto community.

The resources cover the things you can think about in getting ready for online learning, an overview of the sorts of technology you can expect to see in your classes, as well as where to access support and additional resources. On behalf of IT Services and the Academic Technology Team, thank you for studying with us!

Neal MacInnes, Academic Information and Communication Technology Supervisor
Allison Lee, Academic Technology Support Analyst

Online Learning Resources

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