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Areas of Need

Student Support

Gifts in this area support needs- and merit-based awards to students at all levels of education, within our Faculty. These funds are much needed, and are vital to ensuring that our students are recognized for their achievements and to help us fulfill our promise that no student will ever be unable to complete the programs because of financial need. Financial needs-based awards remove barriers to success and remind our students that we are all invested in their success.

Research Innovation

Bloomberg Nursing has a proud legacy of research innovation. With more than 22 research faculty, we secure significant research funding annually, but more is always needed. Our research directly impacts the face of patient care and our collaborations with hospital partners ensure we can effect change.

Simulation Lab

A crown jewel at Bloomberg Nursing, our Simulation Lab provides valuable hands-on experience in a controlled environment, providing students with the opportunity to fine-tune their skills and optimize clinical outcomes in a setting that allows them to build their competence before using those skills in the field. As technology continues to evolve, so must our Simulation Lab. Our once state-of-the-art lab requires new technological simulator upgrades so that it remains a sought-after resources by both faculty and students. Financial support will help the Simulation Lab continue to provide flexibility in a variety of teaching and learning contexts.

Dean’s Fund for Excellence

Gifts made to this fund help to ensure that the Faculty is able to continue responding quickly to critical funding needs as they arise. The fund is crucial to our ability to address urgent matters, and is used as funding for the students, faculty and programs that need it most, allowing the Dean to act quickly on new opportunities or urgent matters. These funds are entrusted to the Dean and the impact is felt faculty-wide.

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