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Postdoctoral Fellows

The research-intensive environment at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing provides an optimal setting for postdoctoral fellows (PDFs) to transition from graduate student studies to independent scholarship. PDFs with the Bloomberg faculty are trainees who are provided with the opportunity to further their research skills while working with an experienced faculty mentor.

Applicants who wish to pursue a postdoctoral training experience should contact one of the faculty members to discuss their interests and work with them to develop an appropriate faculty supervisor/PDF arrangement.

Fellows are funded from a variety of sources, secured either by the PDFs themselves or their faculty supervisors. PDFs can secure funding from external granting agencies, fellowship programs or may be offered funding from their faculty supervisors’ grant or research resources.

Compensation, regardless of funding source, must meet the $27,500 minimum annual stipend, plus $600 health benefit, as outlined by the University of Toronto. Postdoctoral fellows within the Bloomberg faculty are subject to the policies and procedures for PDFs of the University of Toronto.

In Summer 2013, postdoctoral fellows at the University of Toronto voted in favour of forming a union. Information about what that means can be found here. Frequently asked questions about the process can be found here and here.

Information on determining whether a postdoctoral student is considered an employee or not can be found here.

NB: Please read important updates on union certification and tax issues in relation to postdoctoral fellows at the University of Toronto.

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