January 24, 2018: Nursing Perspectives in Global Health Conference

9 January 2018

Each year, the Nursing Undergraduate Society global health representatives organize a conference to increase student engagement with global issues. This year, the conference theme “Nursing Perspectives in Global Health” aims to bring awareness to current issues in global health and nursing involvement towards finding global solutions by exploring a wide range of nursing roles in global health.

Keynote speaker: Judith Shamian, speaking on the importance of nursing leadership in global health.

Following the keynote speech, a panel discussion & small group sessions will take place with nurses who will share their global health experiences with attendees.

The event will be held on January 24th, 2018 from 5 – 8:30 pm hosted at the Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing. Tickets are on sale for $10 each.

Panelists include:

  • Robin Enns, RN, PhD Candidate at Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing
  • Veronica Van Dam, RN(EC), MN, MSF Canada
  • Johana Amar, RN, MPH, St. Joseph Health Care Toronto
  • Stephanie de Young, RN, MSc, SickKids Centre for Global Child Health
  • Allison Dalby, RN, MN-NP (Pediatrics) Candidate, SickKids 
  • Melissa Stevenson, RN, Anishnawbe Health Toronto

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