Renewed partnership with Canadian College of Health Leaders

28 November 2019

Renewed partnership agreement serves as an avenue to promote excellence in the health leadership field

The Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing (Bloomberg Nursing) has renewed its strategic alliance with the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) to increase the leadership capabilities of health care managers in Canada.

Through this agreement, participants in the Master of Nursing – Health Systems Leadership and Administration (MN-HSLA) will work towards obtaining their Certified Health Executive (CHE) designation, the only certification program for Canadian health leaders. This program offers individual leaders several benefits including support for lifelong learning in health services leadership; assistance with career advancement; peer recognition and serves as an essential career designation.

“CCHL is thrilled to partner with Bloomberg Nursing’s Master of Nursing Program to align the requirements of the Certified Health Executive (CHE) credential with the curriculum of the program.  This is an exciting new type of partnership for us that will contribute to the expansion and development of health leaders and will connect them with health leaders across Canada, speaking the common leadership language of LEADS in a Caring Environment,” says Brenda Lammi, Vice-President of Professional and Leadership Development at CCHL.

“Bloomberg Nursing has a legacy of educating and developing nurse leaders who respond to the ever-changing landscape of healthcare in Canada. Now more than ever, the healthcare sector needs effective, dynamic leadership who will participate in the transformation of our healthcare system. Our continued collaboration with CCHL strengthens our ability to meet the ongoing need for the development of health leaders,” says Linda Johnston, Dean and Professor at Bloomberg Nursing.

This collaboration will also allow both organizations to better address the constantly evolving needs of health leaders and align themselves with the LEADS in a Caring Environment framework. This framework is a foundation for Canadian health leadership development and defines the knowledge, skills and attitudes a leader must have to positively contribute to the Canadian health care system.

About the Bloomberg Nursing, Master of Nursing Program

The Master of Nursing – Health Systems Leadership and Administration (MN-HSLA) program is designed to provide students with knowledge, skills and competencies required for advanced practice nurses. In this two-year program, aspiring nurse leaders are introduced to a range of theoretical and practical content and experiences to prepare them to navigate the complexities and turbulence that characterize the health care system and its leadership demands. The MN-HSLA field of study is offered in a hybrid learning format including online and required on-campus in-class learning, as well as practicum placements with established nurse leaders across different healthcare sectors to contextualize learning and support mastery. The program is designed to prepare nurses for formal leadership roles in healthcare systems in Canada and internationally. Graduates are prepared for careers in health care administration, health policy, professional practice leadership, and other related roles.

About the Canadian College of Health Leaders

The Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) is a national, member-driven, non-profit association. The College strives to provide the leadership development, tools, knowledge and networks that members need to become high impact leaders in Canadian healthcare. As defined by the LEADS in a Caring Environment framework, a leader is anyone with the capacity to influence others to work together constructively. Through LEADS, the CHE designation, credentialing, training, conferences, mentoring and a nationwide careers network, we support health leaders in every sector and region, from every professional background and at any stage of their career.  Located in Ottawa, the College collaborates with 21 chapters across the country and engages with its 3,700 members and 80 corporate members to promote lifelong learning and professional development while recognizing leadership excellence.