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Dr. Robyn Stremler named winner of Healthy Behaviour Data Challenge

27 April 2018

Dr. Robyn Stremler (Stremler Labs), Associate Professor at the Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, has been named a winner of the Healthy Behaviour Data Challenge. A partnership between MaRS Discovery District, the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the challenge tasked the Canadian innovator community with generating new methods to collect and utilize data for public health monitoring.

Dr. Stremler’s project “The PHASStrak System” ranked in the top three of over 30 submissions. The PHASStrak System entails an inexpensive Bluetooth accelerometer, smartphone app and cloud-based automated analysis pipeline using research-validated algorithms to concurrently generate objective measures of sleep, physical activity and sedentary behaviour.

The Stremler Lab has demonstrated that PHASStrak Sleep data are highly accurate and generate high quality classifications of physical activity and sedentary behaviour, when compared to data from gold-standard research-grade accelerometers. The open platform allows monitoring of health indicators by the Public Health Agency of Canada and individual Canadians, and could support future public health interventions.

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