Dr. Elizabeth Peter awarded funding for COVID-19 research

20 April 2020

Bloomberg Nursing Professor Elizabeth Peter has been awarded funding from the University of Toronto COVID-19 Action Fund for research that will explore what strategies reduce moral distress in nurses during the COVID 19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting significant moral challenges to nurses, resulting in moral distress. Despite the large amount of research describing moral distress, there are almost no evidence-based strategies to reduce it. Dr. Peter’s research will explore the emerging moral challenges that nurses are experiencing and the impact of a number of potential strategies to reduce the sources of moral distress.

To do this, Dr. Peter and team will recruit and interview 40 participants who have been caring for patients with COVID-19. Based on the research findings, the researchers will assemble specific guidelines and recommendations related to alleviating moral distress, and broadly disseminate findings to practicing nurses locally and internationally.

Dr. Peter will work in collaboration with Bloomberg Nursing Assistant Professor Shan Mohammed, Jane MacIver (Ted Rogers Nursing Professor in Cardiovascular Research), and Bloomberg Nursing PhD student Tieghan Killackey.