Certificate in Nursing Education for the Practice Setting

3 September 2019

The education of nurses is constantly evolving. This ever-changing healthcare landscape means the appropriate preparation of nurse educators is critical to the development of knowledge, skills and leadership required of nurses. Whether you are currently or aspire to be a nurse educator, the Certificate in Nursing Education for the Practice Setting offered by the Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing is a stepping stone for elevating your teaching career. 

Whether you are responsible for educating student nurses, practicing nurses, other members of the health care team, or clients and family members, this certificate program will help you increase your mastery related to teaching, learning, evaluation strategies, and the use of educational technologies.

The courses have been developed to provide aspiring and practicing nursing educators and practice leaders with the tools and skills required to play a pivotal role in strengthening the nursing workforce and prepare you for providing the leadership needed to implement evidence-based practice.

Comprised of three 10-week online courses to be successfully completed over a 2-year period, the courses will prepare you to:

  • Teach in a wide variety of learning situations; 
  • Manage common issues encountered in nursing educator situations; 
  • Work with learners of various levels of experience and expertise; 
  • Manage competency and practice concerns; 
  • Supervise nursing students in clinical practice areas; 
  • Work with clients and families in clinical settings; 
  • Prepare, deliver, and evaluate educational programs for nurses. 

Our first cohort of nurse educators who earned the Certificate in 2018 had many positive things to say about the knowledge and expertise gained in the program, including: 

“I have gained so much insight and knowledge — not only on adult education, but on current state and the vision for the future of nursing education and practice. I learned how much more there was to what I thought I knew about many things: the impact of generational gap and other aspects of teaching and learning.” 

“This certificate was wonderful to create and should be required for all clinical nurse educators. I feel better equipped to enrich the teaching and learning experiences of the nurses and students I’ll meet”

More detailed information about the courses and certificate.