Anti-Racism Statement from Dean Linda Johnston

3 June 2020

Dear Bloomberg Nursing community,

I’m writing today to make clear that the Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing denounces anti-Black racism and all forms of racism and prejudice. These are heavy, heart-breaking times, and we all share feelings of profound sadness in response to the ongoing racist and violent acts occurring in North America. The recent events are glaring reminders of how far we still have to come to achieve racial equity, and we stand in solidarity with the Black community in Toronto and beyond.

Social justice is an important part of our values here at Bloomberg Nursing, and we are committed to enacting the values of equity and social justice into everything we do — from educating the nurses of tomorrow, engaging in impactful research, and advocating for our communities. As nurse educators, researchers and clinicians, we care deeply about human health and wellness. But more than caring, it is our professional and social responsibility to take a strong stance against anti-Black racism, and all forms of racism and prejudice.

On behalf of all of us at Bloomberg Nursing, I extend my deepest sympathies to the Black community, and call for an end to the systemic racism, racial violence and police brutality. At Bloomberg Nursing, we will continue our commitment to promoting equity in nursing education, support anti-racism efforts, lift up the voices of our Black colleagues and students, and advocate for the most vulnerable in our communities. We can — and we must — do better.

In solidarity,

Dean Linda Johnston