2018 Teaching Award Winners

26 September 2018

The Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing is home to some of the world’s foremost nursing educators and researchers. We are tremendously proud of the passion, commitment and innovation that our faculty members bring to their diverse roles.

Each year, we present internal awards to recognize and celebrate outstanding teaching. This year, a distinguished group of teachers, mentors and leaders were honoured for their commitment to providing Bloomberg Nursing students with an unparalleled educational experience.

Congratulations to this year’s Teaching Award recipients!

2018 Teaching Award Recipients

Equity & Diversity Award

Laura Fairley

Entry-Year Excellence in Clinical Instructing Award

Nakita Godoy

Senior-Year Excellence in Clinical Instructing Award

Chantel Cordon

Excellence in Educational Leadership

Pamela Walker

Award for Teaching that Intellectually Challenges Students

Sandra Merklinger

Teaching Assistant Award

Leah Westgate

Sarah Xiao

Excellence in Online Teaching

Maki Iwase

Undergraduate Teaching Excellence

Elena Luk

Graduate Teaching Excellence

Michelle Acorn

Excellence in Precepting: Undergraduate

Michael Abd-El Malak

Gabriel Lee

Excellence in Precepting: Graduate

Roseanne Hickey

Patricia Murphy-Kane

More about our teaching awards.

Published: September 26, 2018

Sandra Merklinger & Dean Linda Johnston

Maki Iwase & Dean Linda Johnston

Michelle Acorn & Dean Linda Johnston

Pamela Walker & Dean Linda Johnston

Laura Fairley & Dean Linda Johnston

Elena Luk & Dean Linda Johnston

Saraj Xiao & Dean Linda Johnston

Nakita Godoy & Dean Linda Johnston

Chantel Cordon & Dean Linda Johnston