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  • Rosenstadt Research Development Program

    The Summer Research Program has been a fixture at Bloomberg Nursing Research for a quarter of a century. 2019 marked the final iteration of this program. In Fall 2021, the Rosenstadt Research Development Program launched. The program is linked with the University of Toronto’s work-study program (

    The Rosenstadt Research Development Program (RRDP) at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing provides funded research training opportunities to undergraduate and graduate (MN) nursing students during the academic year. Nursing students have the opportunity to be embedded within a faculty member’s program of research from September to February, in addition to participating in formalized research development sessions. This is a part-time research opportunity. Accepted students will be expected to work up to a maximum of 200 hours over this time (roughly 10-12 hours per week).

    Student Eligibility: The student must be enrolled for the fall and winter term in either the BScN Program (Year Two), or the Master of Nursing Program. PhD students and BScN program Year One students are not eligible for the RDDP. The student must be enrolled in at least a 40% course load continuously from September to April, totalling at least 2.0 credits (minimum would be 0.5 credits in one session and 1.5 credits in the other). International undergraduate and graduate students studying on a full-time basis continuously from September to April, subject to federal government requirements (see Government of Canada website for rules and regulations) are eligible. Students may only accept one position.

    Important Dates

    Student application period: August 15 to September 9, 2022
    Program Period (Work Study Start & End Dates): September 6, 2022 − March 31, 2023

    How to Apply

    Applications must be submitted through the University of Toronto’s Work Study Program ( Applications sent to the research office or to individual faculty members will not be accepted. The program will begin accepting applications beginning August 15, 2022. Information about available positions here will also be posted beginning August 15, 2022. To be considered for the RRDP, students must submit their application by September 9, 2022.

    Positions Available

    Charlene Chu, RN, PhD: Position number 202441; Project title: Informatics and Technology in Nursing Education

    Kristin Cleverley, RN, PhD, CPMHN(C): Position number 202796; Project title: improving mental health service access, transitions and continuity of care for students and youth

    Aaron Conway, PhD: Position number: 202444: Project Title: Integrated Pulmonary Index during nurse-administered procedural sedation

    Lisa Cranley, RN, PhD: Position number: 202447; Relational Coordination and Resident and Worker Outcomes in Long-term Care

    Craig Dale, RN, PhD, CNCC(C): Position number 202449; Project Title: Oral care among adult patients in intensive care units

    Cindy-Lee Dennis, PhD, FCAHS; Position number 202454; Project Title: Mothering Transitions

    Lindsay Jibb, RN, PhD: Position number 209473; Project Title: Quality of Life among children, adolescents and young adults with cancer and their families

    Linda McGillis Hall, RN, PhD, FAAN, FCAHS, FCNEI, FCAN: Position number: 202588; Nursing Leadership Inventory Survey/Nurse Staffing Models of Care Initiative

    Kathy McGilton, RN, PhD, FAAN, FCAHS: Position number 202475; Nurse practitioners in long-term care homes

    Kelly Metcalfe, RN, PhD, FAAN, FCAHS: Position number: 202530; Project title: Prevention and Treatment of Hereditary Breast Cancer

    Elizabeth Peter, RN, PhD, FAAN: Position number: 202460; Project title: Nurses’ ethical responses to unvaccinated patients with COVID-19

    Martine Puts, RN, PhD, FAAN: Position number: 202566; Project Title: The FIT After Surgery frail substudy ( a study of older adults post-surgery)

    Jennifer Stinson, RN-EC, PhD, CPNP, FAAN: Position number: 202531; Project Title: iCanCope with Post-Operative Pain (pain management app for teens post-surgery)

    Amy Wright, RN, PhD: Position number: 202533; Project title: Indigenous parenting and early childhood development


    For more information, please contact


    What did our students say about the program?

    Being a part of the Rosenstadt Research Development Program was a wonderful experience and I would encourage all students to apply. The program allowed me to gain tangible research skills, such as conducting effective literature reviews as well as explore new topics in nursing and my career directions. The program challenged me to think about problems differently and I found myself applying these skills in course work, practice, and beyond.
    Larkin Davenport Huyer, BScN Student

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the Rosenstadt Research Development Program, it has been an invaluable experience for me. I enjoyed and learned a lot from the information sessions and working under the supervision of Sam Mayo.
    Angela Mahendiran (MN student)

  • Work Study at the University of Toronto

    The 2022-2023 Work Study Pogram will open for student applications August 15, 2022. Always check the work study site for information about eligibility and full job descriptions.  The application system is open from August 15, 2022 until September 16, 2-22. The employment period is September 6, 2022 – March 31, 2023. Applications must be made through the work-study portal (

    Faculty members who are hiring work study students for the 2022-2023 academic year are listed below.

    Charlene Chu, RN, PhD: Position number 202615; Project title: Smart homes in older adult care

    Lisa Cranley, RN, PhD: Position number 202432; Project Title: Relational coordination among healthcare workers in long-term care

    Linda McGillis Hall, RN, PhD, FAAN, FCAHS, FCAN, FCNEI: Position number 202592; Project title: Nursing burnout and workforce retention

    Monica Parry, NP-Adult, MEd, MSc, PhD, FAAN; Position number: 204687; Project Title: Mental health and wellbeing of unpaid caregivers


    Heather Thomson, RN, PhD: Position number 204013; Project title: Virtual simulation decision support tool development


    Kristin Cleverley, RN, PhD, CPHMN(C)

    Position number 205080; Project Title: Support Inlight program and research related to student mental health research

    Position number 205085; Project title: Support Inlight program of mental health research

    Position number 205072: Project title: Supporting research and knowledge translation initiatives related to youth and mental health research





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