Kelly Metcalfe Headshot 2012

Kelly Metcalfe awarded grant through CCSRI for breast cancer gene research

18 April 2017

The Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI) has awarded Dr. Kelly Metcalfe a 3-year grant for her study, Breast cancer treatment in women with PALB2 mutations.

PALB2 is a gene shown to be associated with breast cancer risk. There is some early evidence that PALB2-associated breast cancers may be aggressive, and survival outcomes may be worse when compared to women without a PALB2 5 mutation. Testing for mutations in this gene and others linked to breast cancer is available through genetic testing.

At present, it is unclear how women with PALB2-associated breast cancer should be treated to in order to reduce the chance of recurrence and death. Dr. Kelly Metcalfe and her research team will build on previous research to determine the 5-year survival rates and the optimal breast cancer treatment for this group of breast cancer patients. The results from Dr. Metcalfe’s study may influence both the treatment and survival of women with PALB2 mutations.

To learn more about her research, please visit Dr. Metcalfe’s website.