Bloomberg Nursing Faculty Members Ranked Top Nursing Researchers in Canada

25 March 2019

Several Bloomberg Nursing faculty members are among the top 25 nurse researchers in Canada, a recent follow-up analysis shows. In 2010, researchers sought to identify and rank the productivity of nursing researchers in Canada using citation analysis. The goal was to not only describe research publication productivity but to also honour these individuals and promote nursing research scholarship.

In an ongoing effort to encourage academic excellence and foster recognition of scholarly leadership among nurse academics, a follow-up analysis was conducted in 2019. A total of 49 Canadian Nursing schools were included in the analysis. Among Canada’s top nursing researchers were several Bloomberg Nursing faculty members, including:

Research is at the heart of better health care and at the core of the Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing. Our Faculty’s pre-eminence in research is a direct result of the dedication and talent of our world-class scholars.

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Published March 25, 2019