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Teaching and Learning at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

The Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing stimulates and challenges the intellectual abilities of students. Our approach to teaching acknowledges and values the importance of integrating the rich personal, educational, and professional backgrounds of students. We integrate our own research and research of others into teaching to promote utilization and generation of knowledge. As a professional faculty, we are committed to student-centre learning that encompasses the principles of empowerment, engagement, discovery, diversity, equity, and knowledge transformation for nursing practice.

Our students have opportunities to engage with expert clinicians, scientists and theorists as well as have access to a variety of interprofessional and interdisciplinary experiences with other health profession faculties, the university, and community partners. These resources enable students to develop their intellectual capacity; their research, critical thinking, and judgment abilities; and skills required to be exemplar nurses, advanced practice nurses, leaders, scientists, scholars and educators.

We aspire to make learning accessible through a variety of platforms and to communicate effectively within these modes of deliver. To address the multi-faceted needs of students across our programs as well as the complexity of nursing and other knowledge and skills required, we use innovative technologies and approaches. Effectiveness in promoting intellectual and scholarly development across all teaching/learning settings including in-class and technology-facilitated courses, laboratories, simulations, and a wide spectrum of clinical settings is continuously evaluated. To ensure that our educational programs are relevant, facilitate accomplishment of educational goals, and meet society needs, undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs are regularly evaluated by students, peers, and community leaders.

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