Ruth Gallop RN, PhD

Professor Emerita

The interpersonal process has been a constant source of fascination for me. Helping nurses develop the abilities to truly hear the client’s message has been the driving force behind my research, teaching and clinical work.”

Dr. Ruth Gallop’s research has focused on women with a history of sexual abuse who seek help in the mental health system. With a goal of improving clinical treatments and outcomes, she has concentrated on women who are likely to receive the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and who have self-harming behaviours. Internationally, she has provided numerous workshops and seminars on working with this challenging client group.

A former Associate Dean of Research at U of T Nursing, Dr. Gallop received a Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses National Award of Excellence as well as an Award of Excellence in Nursing Research from the American Psychiatric Nurses Association.

At regulatory colleges, Dr. Gallop offers expert opinion on cases of boundary violations by health care professionals. She also provides mentoring, remediation and counselling for health care professionals who have violated professional boundaries.

Dr. Gallop is cross-appointed to the Department of Psychiatry in U of T’s Faculty of Medicine.

  • 1989 – PhD, University of Toronto

  • 1983 – MScN, University of Toronto

  • 1965 – BScN, University of Toronto

Dr. Gallop’s PubMed link is available here.