Nadine Janes RN, PhD

Director, Undergraduate Program,
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

I explore the complexities between knowing and doing, revealing the full range of factors that impact nursing students’ abilities to reach their potential during their foundational studies and beyond.

Dr. Nadine Janes has been a gerontological nurse for more than 30 years in a variety of roles across diverse settings. Her scholarship focused on older persons living with irreversible dementia in long-term care facilities reveals the complexities involved in promoting person-centered care practices in these settings. Dr. Janes’ has published and presented in relation to these complexities highlighting the entanglement of contextual, relational and individual factors that impact unregulated care providers’ abilities to do what they know they should, and ultimately want to do, in practice. Since her recent return to academia, Dr. Janes is exploring parallel complexities that impact nursing students’ abilities to be the best that they can in their foundational studies and emergent practice. This includes Dr. Janes’ focus on how best to support students with disabilities to meet their academic accountabilities, graduate from their undergraduate studies, and bring much needed diversity to the nursing workforce.