Ellen Hodnett RN, PhD

Professor Emerita

My primary goal has been to provide decision-makers with the best possible evidence about helpful forms of care for childbearing women.

Dr. Ellen Hodnett’s research program focuses on rigorous evaluations of forms of care for childbearing women. It also examines how the physical setting for labour affects the behaviour of women and their care providers, as well as birth outcomes.

She has served as an editor for the Pregnancy and Childbirth Group of the Cochrane Collaboration, and as a member of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Group of the World Health Organization Maternal and Reproductive Health Research Program. In 1996, she was appointed to the first endowed chair in nursing research in Canada, the Heather M. Reisman Chair in Perinatal Nursing Research, a position she held for 15 years.

Dr. Hodnett was the driving force behind the development of U of T Nursing’s Randomized Controlled Trials Group. The Group assists colleagues and graduate students in designing and conducting trials of simple and complex nursing interventions.

  • 1983 – PhD, University of Toronto

  • 1980 – MScN, University of Toronto

  • 1969 – BSN, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Dr. Hodnett’s PubMed link is available here.

Krystie Robinson

The CHILD Pilot Trial – Continuous Glucose Monitoring and HbA1c in Children for Long-Term Diabetes Management

A pilot randomized controlled trial investigating the effects of continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion with continuous glucose monitoring compared to self-monitoring of blood glucose alone on metabolic control and fear of hypoglycemia. Additional objectives of Krystie Robinson’s study will be to provide an estimate of recruitment rates, assess compliance with allocated treatment and determine satisfaction with allocated treatment.