Top 50 of Bloomberg Nursing’s Graduating BScN Class Meet For The Dean’s Honour Breakfast

15 November 2012

Spirits were high on the morning of convocation as the top 50 students, from Bloomberg Nursing’s BScN graduating class, met for the Dean’s Honour Breakfast.   Not only was this a chance for Dean Sioban Nelson to recognize the students who excelled in all areas of their coursework during from this intensive 20-month program, but also a great opportunity for the graduates to reconnect with their peers.

“It’s important to acknowledge our Dean’s Honour Students, and this breakfast is a way to say thank you for your hard work,” said Dean Sioban Nelson in her opening remarks.  “This is a tough program and you not only made it through, you blossomed and I want to congratulate you for making the Dean’s Honour List”

Dr. Francine Wynn, director of Bloomberg Nursing’s undergraduate program was also on hand at the Faculty Club to congratulate the top 50 on their accomplishments.  The attendees were eager to catch up and talk about topics such as the elective global placement program, which took seven of the graduating class to India for a four-week internship during July and August, and their new nursing jobs.

“I’m excited to see what we all do in our nursing careers,” said Ramata Tarawally BScN 1T2 and recipient of the Dean’s Honour Award for having the highest marks in her program.  “It was a great journey and it’s one that we will continue on in nursing, as a group and as individuals.”

Many of the graduates credited the program’s final clinical consolidation placements for their success in getting full-time positions at the same organizations.  Supportive partners such as the Hospital for Sick Children, St. Michael’s Hospital, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre and Toronto General Hospital now have a strong group of nurses from the BScN 2012 graduating class working in a number of departments, and who are ready to apply their skills and grow within their chosen profession.

To the BScN class of 2012, we once again congratulate you on your success in the classroom and wish you all the best as you transition into your new jobs the health care sector.