Photo of 3rd floor Student Lounge

Third floor renovation previews new spaces for students

9 April 2015

Construction hoarding has been removed on the third floor, finally allowing curious passerby a glimpse into our new third floor student lounge and study areas, as well as improved office space for our Centre for Professional Development, International Affairs and Writing Centre. The entire north side of the third floor has been renovated, but the most dramatic changes have taken place in the new student lounge.

A spacious kitchen is being installed, with ample counter space, and microwaves. A high bar overlooks College Street, and is equipped with power outlets, USB chargers, and data ports, providing an attractive space for students to work or grab a snack. Next to the kitchen, vending machines will be installed, adjacent to the printing alcove for students to print assignments. New offices have been designed for both NUS and GNSS, with additional break-out meeting space down the hall. Finally, new PhD study spaces have been created on the south side of the building. The lounge itself will be equipped with the latest audio-visual technology, and can be reconfigured into two distinct, fully-independent spaces with the use of movable walls.

Bloomberg Nursing is also the first on campus to deploy a new state-of-the-art LED lighting system. The system, with a Lutron controller, manages all lighting in the student lounge, allowing for different lighting moods or scenes to be created in different parts of the room. Sensors tell the system if the lounge is occupied or not, and how much daylight is entering the room, allowing lighting to be automatically adjusted, reducing the amount of electricity consumed. Occupancy sensors aren’t just motion-detecting either – they also measure sound in the room, to avoid any sedentary occupants being plunged into darkness.

Workers are still putting the finishing touches on the space, and furniture and window treatments will arrive over the next few weeks. Some of our staff and faculty will be relocating into their new offices by the end of April, before construction commences on the first floor. Be sure to visit our renovation information page for the latest information on staff and faculty relocations, renovation progress, and safety notices.