Ayda Mirzoyan

Student receives interprofessional certificate of distinction

22 August 2014

Bloomberg Nursing BScN graduate Ayda Mirzoyan always knew she wanted a career in healthcare – she just wasn’t sure in which field. The diversity of opportunities and opportunity for close patient contact were what sealed the deal for nursing. After completing an Honours Bachelor of Science with a Double Major in Health & Disease and Bioethics, Mirzoyan enrolled at Bloomberg Nursing. During her studies, she took part in the Management of Chronic Health Challenges Interprofessional Certificate Program, earning a certificate of distinction in the process. This new initiative provides a deeper understanding of the complexity of health issues and best practices for addressing concerns in an interprofessional manner.

During the course of completing this certificate, students learn with, from and about each other, and collaboratively determine how an interprofessional perspective can enhance team relationships and patient/client-centred care. “Being knowledgeable about the scope of practice of each healthcare professional is essential in order to advocate for clients and direct questions and care to the appropriate member of the care team,” says Mirzoyan. “I met many other health science students from other faculties and programs and learned so much about their areas of practice.”

Health science programs at the University of Toronto are at the forefront of interprofessional education, engaging students from across the health sciences in a variety of activities that share educational and professional knowledge amongst disciplines. Despite the extra work, Mirzoyan saw value in what she was learning. “I would highly recommend completing this certificate to all health science students,” she says.