Staff Award Winners

Staff recognized at annual award ceremony

30 September 2014

Bloomberg Nursing held its Staff Awards ceremony on September 24, distributing three awards to staff members. In place since 2013, the awards acknowledge the work of staff members in a variety of areas – staff are nominated by their peers, and a committee of individuals from across the faculty evaluate each nomination.

The Quality of Student Experience Award was given to Kate Young, Admissions, Enrolment & Awards Officer. The award recognizes staff who work either directly with students or behind the scenes, makes significant improvements to the quality of student experience in the faculty. . Young’s nominators noted how she always prioritizes positive communication with students, and is a confident and proactive voice in discussions about providing services to students. In her interactions with students and with faculty and staff, Young is always polite, friendly, and responsive. Her nominators closed by saying her “direct and behind the scenes work have made significant contributions to the quality of student experience at the Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing.”

The Faculty Citizen Award went to Caroline De Angelis, IT Advisor and Project Manager. This award recognizes a staff member who has served with distinction and made contributions to the faculty above and beyond their job description over a sustained period of time. Nominees are regarded as a role model to other staff, and contribute to a positive and inclusive working environment. . De Angelis’s nominators spoke to her tireless efforts on important initiatives and projects, their impact on improved administrative processes and efficiencies, and how these enhance the quality of teaching and learning at the faculty. De Angelis contributes to morale in the Faculty, frequently initiating and participating in social events including potlucks and teas. Her nominators also stated De Angelis is “an icon of knowledge, mentorship and collegiality, truly a worthy recipient for this award.”

Dave Ross, Communications Officer, received the Emerging Leader & Rising Star Award. The award recognizes a new staff member to the faculty who impacts the workplace by showing initiative to improve processes to better serve the Faculty’s and University’s mission, leads by example in their “above and beyond” dedication, demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and diversity, and shows significant potential to assume an expanded role in the Faculty.  Ross’s nominators spoke to his creativity and engagement with projects set before him, his knowledge of the media, the collaborative nature of his working style, and how he ensures that all that work with him feel heard and considered. They further stated that Ross is an “exemplary communicator who handles every interpersonal situation with aplomb, is thoughtful of his colleagues interests, and above all, delightfully witty.”