Retirement Celebration for Dr. Diane Doran Highlighted Influential Career

10 February 2013

(l to r – Anne Sutherland-Boal, Barb Mildon, Diane Doran, Judith Shamian, Sioban Nelson and Doris Grinspun)

Memories, milestones and mentors were the focal point of an evening dedicated to Dr. Diane Doran’s acclaimed career as she begins her retirement.  Leaders in the nursing community, family and friends all packed the Faculty Club on January 31, 2013 to celebrate Dr. Doran’s lifetime commitment to improving the delivery of health care services.

“During her career, Diane has advanced our understanding of nurse sensitive outcomes and brought patient safety out of the hospital and into the home,” said Dean Sioban Nelson.  “Her impact on nursing science in these areas, and so many more, has been groundbreaking and continues to be enormously influential.”

Attendees covered a broad spectrum of colleagues, peers, current and past doctoral students and mentors from every point of Doran’s career.  Barb Mildon, president of the Canadian Nurses Association and former doctoral student, gave one of the speeches at the beginning of the event.  Most poignant was the attendance of Doran’s early mentors, Ross Baker and Martin Evans who she acknowledged as playing an important role in her career.

“Diane’s contributions as Professor in the Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto are widely appreciated by many people, and certainly by me,” said Sonia Udod, former doctoral student of Diane Doran and current assistant professor, University of Saskatchewan. “Her demonstrated curiosity, vision, and initiative in working to advance the body of knowledge in nursing and health systems research has had an impact at local, national, and international levels.”

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