Bloomberg Nursing Building

RED Session Examines the New CIHR Funding Application Process

15 November 2013

Helping to navigate the reforms to Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Open Reforms and New Peer Review Process the Bloomberg Nursing Research Educational Sessions (RED) devoted an entire webinar to the new system.  Led by CIHR’s Adrian Mota on November 14, 2013, the webinar was a key opportunity for researchers to learn more about the ongoing changes.  As changes will be phased in until 2016, this informational RED session provided key information for Bloomberg researchers who apply to CIHR for research funding.

The new design comprises of three core elements of:

1.       Two separate, complementary funding schemes

a.       Project Scheme – is designed to capture ideas with the greatest potential for important advances and will now have two competitions a year.  Grants will range in duration from one to five years.

b.      Foundation Scheme – designed to contribute to a sustainable foundation of health research leaders and will now have one competition a year.  Grants will be awarded for seven years (established researchers) and five years (new investigators).

 2.       A peer review process that includes:

•  Application-focused review

•  Multi-stage review

•  Structured review criteria

•  Remote review of applications at the initial stage(s)

 3.       A College of Reviewers

Comprised of faculties of experts from both within and outside Canada, they will support excellent peer review across the spectrum of health research.  This will be a nationally-managed resource to deliver on the vision and objectives of the review process.

Additional resources on eligibility, questions and answers about eligibility, and information on the pilot programs, structure and timelines are available.