Doris Howell Headshot

New Guideline Helps Adults with Cancer Manage Sleep Disturbances

1 May 2013

Bloomberg Nursing Associate Professor, Dr. Doris Howell has led the development of the first pan-Canadian guideline aimed at helping adults manage the sleep disturbances that arise from their cancer diagnosis.

Often overlooked and considered a normal occurrence during cancer treatments, sleep disturbance are growing in prevalence and now affect the vast majority of cancer patients.  Based on this need for a new evidence-based guideline, the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology began a collaborative partnership to provide strategies and interventions.  Overall, the evidence found that it is valuable to screen adult cancer patients for sleep disturbances and that cognitive behavioural therapies are effective in improving sleep outcomes.

To read more on the guideline and Dr. Howell’s contributions to the project, please go here.