Launch of University of Toronto Chapter for the Canadian Black Nurses Alliance at Bloomberg Nursing

17 May 2023

The Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing is thrilled to announce the establishment of a U of T chapter for the Canadian Black Nurses Alliance (CBNA) on campus. This student-led initiative will provide an important opportunity for Bloomberg Nursing students to actively engage with the CBNA and collaborate with student groups and other health sciences-related faculties on contributing to a more equitable health care system.

Ovie Onagbeboma, president and founder of the Canadian Black Nurses Alliance, says the Canadian Black Nurses Alliance national community is thrilled to welcome another academic chapter this time from the University of Toronto into their fold.

“We know that this will be an important step in providing a place for Black nursing students and all nursing students to feel seen and empowered. These future nursing leaders will be equipped with a national  network that will transform their career and gain leadership skills that will positively shape their academic and professional journey,” adds Onagbeboma.

Photo Credit: Nevaya Onagbeboma-Francis, CBNA National logo creator

“The work of the CBNA has already had a tremendous impact on providing a welcoming space for Black nursing leaders to have a voice in health care advocacy, and Bloomberg Nursing is pleased to join them in their efforts through this student-led initiative, as social justice and equity remain key values that the Faculty aims to build upon,” says Dean Linda Johnston.

The creation of the U of T CBNA chapter will provide a platform to focus on the needs of Black nursing students while also remaining inclusive of all students. It’s overarching goal will be to foster a supportive community, encourage mentorship, and provide networking opportunities for nursing students, in addition to serving as a vital resource to enhance education and growth within the nursing community.

Shraddha Timalsina, a first-year BScN student, who has led the organization of the U of T CBNA chapter expressed her enthusiasm for this new student group, “There are all sorts of ways this chapter could provide a sense of connection for students. This could range from small study groups during exam season to having panel discussions and events to talk about broader equity issues in healthcare. But the ultimate goal is to really foster a sense of community, growth, and education.”

The U of T CBNA chapter promises to be an essential catalyst for positive change within the nursing profession. By facilitating dialogue, organizing events, and promoting inclusivity, the chapter will aim to contribute to a greater understanding of the challenges faced by Black nurses and health care workers, and the need to foster change. For everyone at the Faculty of Nursing and most importantly Bloomberg Nursing students, this is an important step towards community building, empowerment, and breaking barriers in nursing education and practice.

Sign up to become a member of the CBNA U of T Chapter or contact cbna.uoft@gmail.com

The CBNA U of T Chapter