BScN student Yume Kobayashi 2013

First Dean’s Scholarship Awarded to International BScN Student

30 September 2013

In September, Yume Kobayashi entered Bloomberg Nursing not just as a BScN student, but as the first recipient of the Dean’s Scholarship for the BScN stream.  Her sights set on Bloomberg Nursing while undertaking her history degree at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Kobayashi’s acceptance letter was followed by the news that she would be entering with a scholarship.

“This scholarship really opens up doors for me and makes me hopeful that I’ll be able to pursue international nursing opportunities when I graduate,” says Kobayashi who had called China, Germany, Japan, and the US her home.  “Now I can start planning my nursing career path in order to impact the health promotion of those who don’t normally have access to quality care.”

Knowing that she wanted to study nursing while at UBC, Kobayashi took the time to volunteer at a health clinic in East Timor after graduating.  Helping out in whatever capacity the clinic needed, Kobayashi spent two months developing a better understanding of patient needs and relationships while solidifying her desire to deliver meaningful patient care.  “Bloomberg Nursing is one of the few Canadian programs with a heavy emphasis on clinical exposure and a curriculum that encompasses cultural diversity in patient care.” For Kobayashi, these valuable components made the U of T program “a perfect fit for my future goals.”

The Dean’s Scholarship provides financial assistance, based on academic merit, to a new incoming international student at the BScN, MN and PhD level.  Created to assist international students who are committed to advancing the field of nursing, but who might not have the financial means, the Dean’s Scholarship helps funds the future of nursing.

For more information on the Dean’s Scholarship and other awards for international students, please go here.