Dr. Martine Puts Systematic Review On Geriatric Assessment Makes the Top 1000

14 January 2013

A systematic review of geriatric assessment in oncology by Dr. Martine Puts has been ranked in the top 1000  by Dr. Hans Wildiers (University Hospital Gasthuisberg, Leuven, Belgium) from the F1000 Faculty.

According to Dr. Wildiers “This is one of the first comprehensive reviews on geriatric assessment (CGA) in the oncology setting. It nicely shows that geriatric assessment is feasible in oncology, but there is still too little evidence that really demonstrates an impact on outcome of the cancer patients who had CGA (in contrast to general geriatric medicine, where the benefit of CGA on outcome has clearly been described).”

This review, the first of its kind to be conducted, was undertaken to 1) provide an overview of all geriatric assessment instruments used in the oncology setting; 2) examine the feasibility and psychometric properties of those instruments; and 3) systematically evaluate the effectiveness of geriatric assessment in predicting or modifying outcomes (including the impact on treatment decision making, toxicity of treatment, and mortality).

Use of geriatric assessment for older adults in the oncology setting: a systematic review.